Great items of ancient sites in Central Anatolia

A paint palette

Central Anatolia has a thousand year background. We can see this statement by examining the findings in ancient sites. The archeologists unearth many valuable items in recent years.

A painting palette was unearthed in the ancient site. It is guessed that it is around 5000 years old. It proves that painting has been used as the way to express human being emotions for thousands of years. This palette is the evidence of high advanced society.

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Great Roman Technology on Small Asia; To control the Water

Historical Roman Dam

Water is the biggest source of life in whole human being civilization. The civilization which controls the water can be the dominator of the world. Roman Empire did this mission. They created so magnificent technology that even today we admire this technology to use water as a source and a tool in order to establish an empire.

Small Asia was an important area for Roman Empire. A dam was unearthed in Central Anatolia. It was a part of important structure to control water. Archeologists reported that it is an important discovery for Small Anatolia history.

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Red Alert; Tourism is in danger in Turkey

Turkey is in danger of losing the tourism potential. Covid was thought as the most destructive fact for tourism but it isn’t true. Insufficient management of tourism policy is the most destructive fact for Turkish tourism. Although Turkey is capable of being the most valuable country of the world in tourism sector, today we are trying to survive in world’s league. Turkey is about to disqualify from the tourism league due to improper management of the government. Loss of St.Sophia and Chora museum is the sign of this statement. Can any expert or any person who has been in tourism sector ignore or be silent against this development? I guess not.

Actually nothing good is happening in Turkey in recent years. We can’t seperate tourism from the big picture. I am aware of this fact so I wanted to declare this situation to all world.

Fossils of Elephants’ ancestry and Turtles in Central Anatolia…

It is known that Central Anatolia was the home of life millions years ago. The archeologists unearthed elephants’ ancestry and turtle fossils that are around 8 million years old. It is reported that turtle fossil was the first in Turkey.

Turkish landscape has many surprises for us. Life of the past times is lying under our feet. Even millions years ago there used to be a life on this soil…

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Ruin of Turkish Tourism by Turkish government

Chora Museum

Turkey lost its valuable historical treasure a month ago; St.Sophia Museum. The government rescinded the declaration of museum for St.Sophia. It is certain that Turkey has a cost of losing tourism assets.

Second disaster after St.Sophia came too soon. Chora Museum became a mosque. It is a great disaster for Turkey.

Briefly it is certain that Turkish government has no a tourism policy. Even they don’t have any respect to historical treasures. No tourism policy, no respect for historical treasures……

Turkey is going down unfortunately…..

Altınbeşik (Golden Cradle) Cave; Another cave in Antalya

Cave of Golden Cradle

Antalya province and regional zone has a lot of caves. One of them is Golden Cradle Cave and National Park. This national park has an impressive cave.

This cave is a famous destinations for cave lovers. It is an important place for adventure lovers.

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Aydınlar Church;A forgotten historical church


Turkey has a wealthy religious treasure, thus we can find many unforgotten religious facilities in this landscape. One of them is in Gümüşhane province of Turkey.

Christianity became an universal religion in Small Asia. That’s why we can see many evidences to point out this statement. Aydınlar Church is one of the religious complexes that are well preserved. The local people expect the church to be restored and opened for touristic purpose.