A Glass Terrace on Çatak Valley of Black Sea region

Black Sea region of Turkey has a breath taking view. That’s why deep canyons are greatest figures of the region. Authorities built a glass terrace on Çatak Valley of Kastamonu province.

It is around 400 meters high. The glass terrace offers us a great view for the panorama.

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A cistern of Byzantine era was unearthed in Southern East Anatolia

Turkey has many hidden treasures that’s why any person can find any historical building. For example, a cistern from Byzantine period was unearthed in Mardin province of South Eastern Anatolia.

It is reported that it is like underground cistern of Istanbul but it is six meter higher than the underground cistern. The work on this cistern is going on so we can find out more later.

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The habitant of old land

The habitant of old land

I have noticed that Turkey has a deep historical background several times. This landscape gives us many proof for this expression.

Even tough by chance, a skeleton was unearthed in Western Anatolia. It was reported that it is around 8500 years old. It means that we are facing a habitant of old land.

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