Efteni Lake; A Byzantian Princess Legend

Efteni Lake is one of the nicest lakes of Turkish landscape. It is located on Duzce plain. It is one of the important stops for immigrant birds. Also its legend is very popular. It has a muddy structure.

The Byzantian army had a stop on the shore of the lake during a military campaign. Princess Eftalia was with the army. But she had bad injures on her face. She poured that muddy and she started to be fine. Also she became more beautiful. So the Byzantian emperor decided to build a thermal spring here. She fell in love with a boy on the other shore of the lake which was the Ottoman country. She was sailing across the lake to meet him. But her boat sank and she passed away here. So it became the lake of Princess Eftalia….

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Castle of ancient times; Erzurum Castle

Many historical castles are still standing on Turkish soil. One of them is in Eastern region of Turkey. It is in the border of Erzurum province. It is dated back to Urartu times. It means that it is older than 2500 years. There are two sections in this castle. Inner castle and outer castle are sections of this castle. We know that the inner castle was built by Byzantian Emperor in 5th century AD. There are four gates in the castle.

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Ancient water channel of Teion site

Teion ancient site was one of the important sites in the Black sea region. As it is known that Northern side of Anatolia is green and fruitful, so this region has been very suitable for residing in the history. Teion ancient site was one of them. A site needed a water source nearby. The source of Teion ancient site has been running for centuries.

It is located in Zonguldak province. This creek is ending in a cave. Ancient local people were using this creek as a water source.

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November in Antalya

The photo above was taken in November. The location is Antalya. Actually November is a winter month but Antalya is different. Due to the climate of Antalya, winter is cooler than rest of Turkey. Winter is cool but sunny. It often snows. Summer is very hot.

Due to the feature of Antalya, the city is always attractive. When the winter in Antalya is like summer, we can come across the same sceneries like summer. Foreign tourists prefer Antalya because the climate is cooler than winter standards. Tourists that are especially from cold climates visit Antalya in winter and summer. So it isn’t a surprise to have a same scenery in winter as if we live the summer…

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Parliament Building of United Lycian state; Patara

United Lycia is one of the well known federal states in the history. This was a unite that was formed by city states of Small Asia. Patara was the capital city state and they had a constitution. Patar city officials decided to build a monument parliament building. They built this parliament building in 2nd century BC. Its capacity was around 1400 senators. After this period, it was used for various purposes. United Lycia inspired modern democracy. Even it is told that it is an inspiration for USA and the parliament building of US.

It is the reflection of the past in the modern world. Ancient Greek democracy is the model of today’s states. Patara was the capital city and its parliament building was the model to build a strong civilization.

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Theateral Masks of Small Asia

Theater is one of the oldest visual arts in the world. It is known that it is dated back to ancient Greek and Small Asia. We can come across some proofs for this theory in ancient sites of Small Asis such as Myra and others.

The archeaologists unearthed the best samples of the masks. The masks which are around 2000 years old show every emotion that human being has. Some of them are unique in the world.

If you have an opportunity to visit those sites, you will explore how the artists had techniques to carve those masks. Those handy artists left us priceless legacy to find out the history.

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Bridge of Tigris; historical bridge of Diyarbakır province

Diyarbakır province is one of the wealthy provinces in South Eastern region. As it was the destination between west and Mesopotamia. There is a bridge that is dated back to Roman age. The other name of the bridge is ten arched brige as it has ten archs on the bridge.

According to the inscription ( it was a proof of repair), it was reconstructed by Muslim forces in 10th century AD. We don’t have detailed information about it except this information. It is certain that it is one of the important bridges on trade routes.

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Boyabat Fortress

Turkish landscape has a lot of impressive fortresses. They are the witnesses of deep historical background. Every civilization left us valuable legacy. Those fortresses are greatest elements of their legacy.

It is dated back to 6th century BC. The construction year is unknown as there is no inscription. This fortress has two sections; old and new sections. It was reconstructed by Ottoman State (earlier ages).

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Tourism Policies after COVID outbreak

The most important fact that we are facing is COVID’s existence in our life. Corona virus outbreak have changed all our routine and our policies. Tourism policies have changed according to relating policies.

Turkey is one of the countries that have important tourism incomes. So this income is very vital for Turkey. Travel industry can change rapidly up to various facts. If we keep out our own facts, the industry have changed totally. The world shocked this fact and it took time to shape the policy up to this fact. Turkish tourism has a significant potential. It is obvious that Turkey is the star of world tourism. Thanks to the tourism elements that country has, Turkey has an advantage in tourism league.

It is obvious that the industry will not get well in a short term. At least the target is to get less damage as possible as it is. We should confess that Turkey has a lot of things to fix to reach this goal.

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Second Wave of COVID in the world

COVID outbreak has a wide ranged damage on the world’s economy. There was a prediction that stated the winter time is the time period that can damage more than the beginning. This period is being confirmed this prediction.

The countries including Turkey are struggling with second wave of COVID. Mostly the number of the COVID patiences are increasing. So this situation forces countries apply some restrictions. Actually travel is the first habit that is affected from the virus. Some countries restricted the entries. Some borders are still closed and some countries apply quarantine procedures. Briefly it is clear that tourism is affected from this outbreak deeply.

Turkey was one of the preferred destination in summer period. The mosy important fact is that the international tourists were allowed in scope of some restrictions. Despite of this fact, Turkey was preferred by most of the tourists.

It is obvious that it is getting worse again. The virus is being spread fast so the future isn’t clear. Vaccine is being expected soon. When the routine gets normal, don’t forget to schedule your visit to Turkey.

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