Nagidos ancient site; A historical site

There are some important ancient sites in Mersin province of Turkey. One of them is Nagidos ancient site. Even tough we can’t come across too much items, a few items showed us that it was an important site. The inscription which is exhibited at the museum states that it was an important site and how strong affairs the site had.

It is known that the founders of this site had relationship with Luvians. The residental area was surrounded by city walls. Necropolis of the site is one of the fruitful parts because a few belongings were unearthed here.

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Olba ancient site; the site of Olbans

Meditarranean region is the nest of civilization. Earlier civilized nations gathered here and got remarks on world history here.

Olba kingdom was one of the small site states of Mediterranean region. We can realise this point because there is an inscription stated; the site of Olbans. There was a residental life from Roman Empire era. It was one of the important Christian centers in that period.

It is located in border of Mersin province of Turkey. In addition to other ancient sites in the region, it is important because of the religious place of the site.

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