Goodbye 2020… Welcome 2021

Year 2020 is going in a few hours. It was an awful year for the world. The most serious problem was Covid outbreak. Due to the Covid outbreak, everything has changed. Also we redefined our normal routines. We remembered something we forget; value of freedom.

The new year 2021 is a new hope for human beings. Hope is the strongest emotion for human being life. I wish that 2021 brings us a better year and a better world. It is important to state that it will take time to heal our life routines. 2021 can be a first step to achieve this goal.

Tourism is one of the most affected sectors due to the COVID pandemic. We have to apply some restrictions for safety. That’s why travel and tourism sectors is going down. The other branch of tourism, accommodation facilities, has also deep impact from the pandemic. Most of the hotels are trying to survive and keep their economical situation sustainable. According to the predictions, recover can last two or three years if everything goes allright. 2021 can be the first year to recover.

Always be safe and healthy…. Time will come and we will be free to travel.

Turkey is waiting for tourists and travel lovers….

Have a nice year…..

Helenapolis ancient site; New ancient site of Turkey

Turkey has many unearthed ancient sites. Helenapolis ancient site which was built in the name of Helen of Byzantine is one of the unearthed sites of Turkey. It has a hidden story of Byzantine history.

It is located in Yalova province today. In addition to the ancient site, there are many hidden historical treasures in this region. The archeaological excavations will release the hidden story of East Roman history.

Discover Turkey and travel in time….

A new trend for vacations; Renting isolated villas

COVID outbreak has changed everything we have including our vacation styles. Isolation became the key word for the society. So habits and routines have changed. We had to create new normals for the vacations.

Renting isolated villas is a new trend in toursm sector. Some regions such as Antalya are famous for renting second houses. Due to the restrictions for COVID, hotels and accommodation facilities fell in disfavor. Especially by crowded families, those villas are preffered to spend time together with less restrictions. They are rented for 4-5 day periods mostly. During the period of New year eve, the regions such as Antalya province are very famous.

Discover Turkey…..

Merry Christmas from Santa Claus of Demre

Church of St.Nikolaos (Santa Claus ) -Demre/Antalya

Merry Christmas to all world….. I wish that we face good events and things in a new year. Demre strict of Antalya province was the home of St.Nikolaos who inspired Santa Claus story in Christianity.

A good hearted priest in ancient Demre helped the poor people. He left into their houses what they needed. According to the story, he was leaving those gifts from the chimneys.

Merry Christmas ………

New ancient site of Turkey; Sauatra ancient site

Turkey is a country that can be considered as the golden country for archeaology. Thanks to the background of the landscape, we know that many unknown or unearthed ancient sites are still waiting for archeaologists.

Mid- Turkey is one of the wealthest regions of Turkey. According to the historical records, many ancient sites are still under the ground. Sauatra ancient site is one of those hidden sites. It is located in Konya province. The excavations will show us the background. The historical background of Sauatras ancient site will be released after the excavations. It is dated back to 4th century BC.

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Beach Joy in December;Antalya

Actually December is a winter month in Turkey. Winter is very cold in Turkey Mediterranean region has an eligibility in this climate. As the winter is very warm in Mediterranean region, a visitor can swim in Antalya in winter months.

According to this general situation, tourists are having fun in beaches in Antalya. December is a great time for Antalya even though winter has tough conditions in geography of Turkey. The tourists can act as if it is a summer month.

If you want to visit Antalya in October or December, you will have the same taste of summer. Also Antalya isn’t as crowded as the summer so it can be considered as a special vacation.

Discover Antalya in winter,you will feel great………

Kültepe ancient site/Kayseri;traces of an ancient unknown civilization

Kültepe ancient site is one of the important sites in Turkey. It is guessed that it is around 6000 years old. It means that it has a deep background.

According to latest results, new traces for a unknown civilization were unearthed. Even before Assyrian traders came here, there used to be a developed civilization. Ancient objects that are 4200 years old were unearthed. It is a important development for historical background.

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Konya Tropical Butterfly Garden

Eco- tourism is one of the new trends in tourism. Turkish landscape is fitting on this tourism mode very well. One of the latest investment for eco-tourism is tropical butterfly garden in Konya province.

Concept of this museum is tropical garden for butterflies. Not only local butterflies and also the imported species from the world are being exhibited in this museum. They are all alive.

So a visitor can see the butterfly world in a building. Nature is so deep that we can see the small but unexpected world.

Discover Turkey and explore the nature….

Tripolis Ancient Site; A site that had a senator in Rome…

Tripolis ancient site is one of the important ancient sites of Turkey. Due to its trade features, it became a wealthy site. It was one of the Lydian sites.

The most important power of the site was political. A few sites had political power in Rome. Tripolis ancient site was one of the few sites in that period. They had a senator in Roman assembly. That was one of the reasons why it grew up.

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Mokissos ancient site; A Cappadocian ancient site

Mokissos ancient site is one of the newly discovered ancient sites of Turkey. But its importance is very impressive. Due to the location of the site, it was an active site in that period.

It is thought that it is dated back to Hellenistic age. We can come across the social facilities like other sites. It is also known as Nora in history. It is thought that it is one of the biggest sites of Cappadocian region. It is located in the border of Aksaray province.

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