Eco-tourism in Turkey

Belek /Antalya

Nature is the main element of human being life. Ecological tourism is the new trend in tourism. We can consider this as a comeback to nature. Turkey is one of the luckiest countries of the world.

Turkey has many panoramas and it is certain that we are living in a country where the nature is magnificent.

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Cisterns; the most important buildings of ancient sites

Water is the source of life for living organisms. Human being needs water to live like other living organisms. Water is the basic necessity for building a civilization. On the other hand, the ancient and medival cities were built in walls. It means that in case of a siege water should have been restored in order to resist the hunger and thirsty.

Since the beginning of building villages and cities, the human being has been looking for solutions to solve this problem. Cistern is one of the solutions. They were built so big that the water storage was a big capacity. For example, it is guessed that there are hunderds of cistern in old Constantinople. Some of them are very big, some of them are small. The purpose was common; to keep water. Roman engineers did a great job to achieve this goal. Even today we admire this technology.

Also we can express those statements for other smaller sites. We can come across cisterns in every ancient site. This construction method contiuned in medival age.

Basically, controlling water is the key of building a civilization. Ones who achieve this can control all life. We still talk about Roman technology and use them at present.

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A health history in Smyrna ancient site

It is certain that the ancient sites such as Smyrna were complex sites. We can come across every sort of facilities in those sites. During the archeological excavations, we realize that they are more than residence sites.

Ancient times were different when they compared to present. A health center was discovered very close to Smyrna ancient site. According to the archeological items, it was an important health center. Some illness’ were examined and some medical operations were done. A mountain that was named as Olympos in ancient era was the center. Those medical operations were orthopedic applications that were very difficult even for today.

Ancient sites are revealing their secrets by the assistance of archeaology.

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An Egyptian Seal in Small Asia

It is the statement that we use it; Small Asia was a transition region between East and West. Proofs of this statement are being unearthed in our landscape.

The destination is Kamona Pontika ancient site that has a historical background till Roman era. During the archeological excavation, an Egyptian seal was unearthed. It is known that it was a trade city and many traders from the ancient world were visiting here including Egyptians.

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Mt.Uludağ; the center of winter season

Mt.Uludağ is one of the famous destinations of winter season in Turkey. With the impressive panoramas, the visitors look forward to skating and having joy of the winter.

Cable cars and motor vehicles are two necessary vehicles on the mountain. Hotel zone is the region where the vistors accommodate and the circuits are. It is prefferred by foreign and domestic tourists. Even in summer, the climate can get so cold that you can never believe in it. It happens for a short time in summer naturally. Briefly it is an attraction center for winter tourism.

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Cappadocia in winter

Cappadocia is one of the famous holiday resorts of Turkey. But it is known by the great panoramas in spring and summer. It is also great in winter. As if Cappadocia wears a white shirt. The nature offers us different experiences to taste the joy of winter.

Mid-Anatolia is a special region for tourism. It offers many different options for the visitors. Cappadocia is one of the centers in the region.

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