Halikarnassos ancient site…

Bodrum district is hosting the ancient site; Halikarnassos. It is one of the best known sites of ancient periods. It has many epical sides to tell.

Up to the recent works, the wall of Halikarnassos was unearthed. The excavations are continuing nowadays. The mysteries of Halikarnassos are revealing.

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A Restored Castle; Hereke castle

Time is very cruel for ancient buildings. They get damaged in time so they get weakened. Finally they collapse. As the events for Hereke castle, it is a reality.

Hereke castle which is located in Kocaeli province of Turkey today was originally built in the period of Roman Empire. It was collapsed in the time because of disregard. By the project of restoring the castle, Hereke castle was rebuilt. A historical legacy was saved by a project. So history will be resurvived again…

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