Oylat Cave; The natural treasure of Bursa province

Caves of Turkey are famous for the natural structures and historical background. Oylat cave is one of the caves that was discovered in 2004. It is around 3 million years old. It is located in Bursa province.

It has 700 mt depth and 93 mt height. The humidity is 90%. It was opened for tourism in 2006.

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Boat Tourism; A new trend in COVID-19 outbreak

As we know that isolation is the key word for new travel trends. Some sorts of travel become famous after the COVID -19 outbreak. Boat tourism such as blue voyage is more preferrable by the visitors.

Mediterranean and Aegean coasts are the best destinations for blue voyage. A good vacation in a boat can be a great option for summer vacation.

Turkish coasts are one of the best options for blue voyage.

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