400 year old historical accommodation facility will be restored as a hotel

Historical accommodation facilities that are named as han were the hotels of the past. There are a lot of hans on the Anatolian Peninsula. All of them have the characteristic features of the medieval age.

The Anatolian hans always have a historical value such as Develi Han in Tokat province of Turkey. Develi Han which was constructed in 16th century is one of them.

After it was used by university, it is decided to reuse it as a hotel. Briefly it will turn back its historical background.

Tokat Province

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Chain of Constantinople; On the gate of Golden Horn

Constantinople was the city that was full of legends and stories. Chain of Golden Horn is one of the greatest stories in Constantinople.

Ottoman Sultan young Mehmet II had a target to make the Ottoman State to an empire. Ottoman State had territories on Europe and Asia. The only problem was Constantinople standing in the middle of two continents. Ottoman State had diplomatic affairs with East Roman Empire but never attempted to conquer Constantinople before. Ottoman sultan Mehmet II decided to conquer Constantinople to become a state to an empire despite the objection of military and politician officers.

He did what he was aimed. But he had some military and political issues for his target. This chain which was on the entrance of Golden Horn became the most important barrier due to the strength of the city walls. It wasn’t possible to break it so he had an intelligent plan. He decided to move the ships from the land to the Golden Horn. This legendary move became East Roman Empire shocked because they saw Ottoman Navy in front of Constantinople in one night. This chain couldn’t stop a passsionate man. He got the title Conquerer Sultan Mehmet.

This chain is being exhibited at the naval museum of Istanbul.

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