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It is one of the toughest works for the archeaology because we have to come over the ignorance of years and insufficient policy of the state. Istanbul city has been growing for thousands of years. A new layer has been covering the old one. So many sites and stories were buried. They are expected to unearth in order to reveal the secret of development in this region.

Urbanisation is one of the major issues against this subject. We can consider destroying the old one and building a new civilization as the common behaviour of the human being in the history. It is still going on but today more people are aware of this fact; if we want to build the future, we should look at the past.

For example, earthquakes are the major issues for this region. We should look at the layers of the city and check the earthquake schedule of the region. Actually we have this information but we ignore it unfortunately. Insufficient policy of the state is one of the barriers to solve this problem. We have historical records that give us information on the earthquakes of the region. We still debate on some solutions but no active work.

Do you know that Istanbul has been one of the attraction points in the history? Many tribes and nations visited here even they settled here. Latins and Vikings were some of them. We knew the Latin invasion but Viking existence on the shore of a Istanbul lake told us another interesting story.

You may consider Istanbul as one of the centers where modern world civilization was built. We can look at this city with this perpective.

Listen to Istanbul because it still has many things to to tell us.

Asian Minor of Istanbul; the forgotten history of the region

Istanbul city is always memorised as one of the capitals of history. Due to the historical background of the city, whenever a project is constructed in Istanbul, we come across archeaological remains from various ages. Mostly the old town of Istanbul is known as the archeaological area but Asian minor of Istanbul isn’t less important than European side and old town. Because this city has always been a puzzle in history. The development and history of the city should be evaluated together.

Asian minor of Istanbul was known as the land of blinds because the public of Chalcedon couldn’t understand the importance of their location. The historical background of Asian minor is dated back to Roman Empire age. This region was one of the important port areas in Roman Empire era. When Roman Empire divided into two parts, This region was under the domination of East Roman Empire. Ports were very important for the trade so the economical life got better. In recent years,some archeaological discoveries were made by the various projects and chance. Although Chalcedon ancient site was known, there hadn’t been any serious archeaological works on it for years. Only some small items were discovered and they were ignored till the restoration of historical Haydarpaşa train station.Chalcedon ancient site was unearthed and we found out that it was more important we think for this city’s historical background. The archeaologists think that it is a small part of Chalcedon ancient site. Most of them are under modern Kadıköy county. An Apollon temple and historical social facilities are well known by the assitance of historical records.

Also other regions of Asian minor such as Üsküdar and inner regions have the same story. They are some samples of ancient settlements of the history. Even before the conquer of Constantinople, the ancient settlements are known around here. Thanks to the railway restoration project, a village of pre-historic age was unearthed in the inner region of Asian Minor.

Briefly Asian minor’s historical background completes the background of old town and European side. It is necessary to follow thew updates in this subject.

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