A foot step from Anatolia to Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt is one of the ancient civilizations that shaped the world. Even it is still shaping our modern world. Every discovery touches to modern time and world geography. Ancient Egypt was the super power of the world before Roman Empire. Its background is so deep that its heritage keeps on affecting our modern world. That’s why Anatolia can’t be out of the statement.

We all know that one of the biggest discovery of 20th century was the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun. As it was untouched, it opened a new a gate to ancient Egypt. Treasures of a pharoah were legend. A few archeaologists or people witnessed them in thousands of years as the tombs of Pharoahs were robbed. Till the tomb of Tutankhamun, nobody saw a real pharoah tomb. The royal items, the god statues and personal items became true although there were some discussions on them.

The dagger of Tutankhamun was one of the impressive items in the tomb. According to the works on this dagger, it is found out that it isn’t from earth. Its material is a meteor. It was a gift from Mitanni Kingdom which was a superpower in Anatolia after Hittites Empire. Mitanni king had this dagger manufactured in our landscape. It was made of a meteor that fell to Anatolia. Ancient Egypt was looking for an ally to secure the northern border. Mitanni Kingdom was one of the states that Egypt got in touch with. This dagger is the memory of those days.

If we had an opportunity to reach all untouched high statued tombs, what else we would have seen…. exciting????

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