A medical center in Anatolia; Acharaka ancient site

Western Anatolian region of Turkey hides many ancient sites. Since the history has been recorded, many ancient sites have been recorded. Some of them were unearthed and some of them are still under the ground. Some of them were discovered by chance. The natural landscape of the region may hide the ruins. Acharaka ancient site was one of the luckiest sites.According to the historical records, it was an important medical center in ancient era. It was a center for the patients and priests. Due to the natural landscape, we can come across many thermal water sources and caves. As the region was on the active earthquake line, many caves and cracks on the surface were formed. That’s why this region was considered as a medical center in ancient era.

It is located in the border of Denizli province at present. The history of the region hasn’t been written completely yet.

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