A national museum that has a stage to Ottoman- Russian wars in 19th century;Bloody Bastion

Eastern and North Eastern Anatolia were war fields in 19th century. Russian Empire wanted to invade North Eastern Anatolia so Russian army attacked Ottoman border. Kars was one of the targets of Russian Army. That’s why Ottoman forces had some bastions built in that region. Russian Army had a raid to the basitons that they martyred all Turkish troops at the night of 1828. It wasn’t only an attack. During 19th century, Russian empire attacked Ottoman border.

As a witness of those bloody days, a museum was constructed in the bastion which was raided. That bastion was named as New bastion in Ottoman Army. As a result of the war, Turkish troops defended Kars and the region in epical way. This museum attracts the visitors and lets them travel in time. You can feel the pain and effort of Turkish troops here.

With the respect to the troops that gave life for this country….

Discover Turkey and travel in time..


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