Accommodation types in Turkey

Turkish Republic is a tourism country and it requires to be ready to host the tourist. Not only the culture and also accommodation is the another branch of tourism. Accomodation needs quality in order to attract a tourist to a country. Also it should be fitted to every budget. There are some general rules or procedures to meet the demand of international and domestic tourism. Turkish Republic is one of the luckiest countries that have enough capacity to host tourists.


Pension is one of the cheapest mode of accommodation. It is a sort of hotel that has no luxury but provides a clean holiday. Its fare is very low. It fits on young and middle-class groups. Not only international tourists and also ones who look for economical holiday use this type of this accommodation.

Boutique hotel

Boutique hotel is an accommodation type that is one of the common hotels in Turkey. It is easy to find in downtowns of the cities and holiday resorts. They seem more luxurious than pensions. Also the service is more developed at this hotel. For example, a good breakfast menu can be served at the hotel. Mostly they are more attractive than a pension.

Hotels with stars

Hotels of star class are more common hotels. The class starts with one star hotel to five star hotel. All classifications depend on the services of the facility. Ministry of tourism and culture give points to every facility up to the services and sections. So the star class of the hotel is provided.

Always remember that there are every type of accommodation in Turkey. It is possible to have a great holiday with every budget in Turkey.

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