Achilles and Amazon queen Penthesilea; A tragedy during legendary war

The legendary war between Greeks and Troians became true according to the weapon findings on the ancient site. Achilles was one of the top characters for legendary war. Amazons were impartial during the war. Amazon queen Penthesilea had a deep sorrow because she killed her sister by mistake during the hunt. Her depression was so big that she wanted to die. She was a queen and a warrior so committing suicide wasn’t an option for her. She had only a way; to struggle and die in a war.

During the war, Achilles killed the Troian prince Hector. When this news came to Amazon tribe, queen Penthesilea decided to take revenge of Hector. With the effect of her depression, she participated the war at Troian side. Amazons were famous for their combat skills. Amazon queen Penthesilea finally faced Achilles and she fought so well that Achilles couldn’t understand that that warrior was an Amazon. When he killed that warrior, he stared at her face and he fell in love. He admired her for combat skills.

Greek warriors wanted to humiliate Penthesilea and they tortured her. Achilles couldn’t accept this behaviour and he acted her as she deserved.

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