Adada ancient site; One of the longest walking route of Turkey

Adada ancient site

Adada ancient site is one of the sites that had outstanding features. Those sites such as Adada hide a feature that can be very essential. This site can’t be unearthed all. ;

Adada ancient site printed coins in I century BC. It was an important site during Roman period because it was one of the stops of a royal path. The site was so glorious that there were many temples in the site such as Imperial temple. In addition to temples, there were various buildings such as theaters and fountains. Acropolis had a defensive role in the city. There were towers and city walls. St.Paul came to Adada to proselytize Christianity. The most important feature was to be established on the Imperial road.

Adada ancient site

Adada is located in border of Isparta province of Turkey. It is the second longest Imperial route of Turkey.

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