Anatolia; the land of good souls

St. Nicholas is one of the symbols of Anatolia. He was the inspirer of Santa Claus. He helped his society, and he did it secretly. So he became a symbol character of all Christian world.

ST. Nicholas Church, Demre

Rumi is one of the well-known philosophers in the world. He makes a call to everyone in order to be peaceful. He united the goodness with Islamic philosophy. He immigrated to Konya from the Central Asia.


St. Paul is one of the apostles that visited Anatolia. He had a great contribution to make Christianity universal religion. There was a stop for Christian pilgrims in order to feel St.Paul.

St.Paul well, Antakya

Virgin Mary is one of the well-known visitors of Anatolia. She came here after Jesus was crucified. She resided on a hill nearby Ephesus. There is a house and a church in the site. It is so unreachable that it can be considered as an isolated site.

Virgin Mary Church, İzmir

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