Antakya (Hatay); One of the cultural centers of Turkey

Antakya (Hatay) is one of the historical provinces in Turkey. Historical background of Antakya is dated back to early ages. Since the history was begun, we can be able to come across historical objects in Antakya. Also Antakya (Hatay) is the latest province that joined Turkish Republic (1939). Hatay is in the south region of Turkey.

Titus Tunnel /Antakya(Hatay)

Since the Roman age, the monuments have been erected or built. Titus Tunnel is one of them. In order to stop the floods, Titus tunnel was constructed. It is so big that a river can run inside the tunnel.

St.Pierre Church

First church of Christianity was built in Hatay. Before this church, chapels were used for praying. As the prayers were getting more, the Christians carved this church. And they built in the name of the apostle St.Pierre.

Hell Boatman/Antakya

Hell boatman is a statue that is looking through Antakya city. According to the legend, it was carved to protect ancient city. Unfortunately it is an unfinished statue.

Hatay was the autonomous republic after 1930’s. There was a conflict for this autonomous republc. It was considered as the part of Turkish Republic. It joined to Turkish Republic in 1939.

Hatay is considered as the peaceful city of big religions. Mosques, synagogue and mosques are living together.

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