Architect Sinan… a master that has defeated earthquakes several times

Architect Sinan

Earthquake has been very important fact for this region and the world since the beginning.Human being has faced this fact many times in the history. But some genius architects managed to defeat earthquake and time with their legacies. He is one of them, maybe the biggest master of architects…. Architect Sinan

He was born between 1488 and 1490 (it isn’t certain).He was born in Kayseri. He joined the Janissary guild. He learned how to build bridges and buildings in young ages. He became a master architect after 40. He was the head architect of Magnificent Suleyman. He had built many mosques, fountains, bridges and baths. They have been standing alive for centuries even tough the affects of time. Thanks to his techniques, even today his master pieces are still living. When they are restored, the archeaologists can find a guide how to restore them. His techniques are so well that he could be able to make great calculations for his projects.

With respect to the master…..

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