A relief from Arsemia ancient site

Commagene Empire was one of the states that Small Asia hosted. It was an important culture so they left us a great heritage for us such as Mt.Nemrut.

Arsemia ancient site was the summer capital and ruling center. Arsemia was founded by the founder of Commagene Arsames. It was founded on the edge of rivers and this site had fertile soils. Also there used to be a monument for the father of Emperor Antiochos I (Mithridathes Kalinikos).

A view of Arsemia ancient site

Also there used to be a cistern. The relief that is above describes the figure that Mithridathes Kalinikos (the father of Antiochos I) is shaking hand with Hercules Heracles. Also we can see the some codes on the surface of rock.

It is located in Adıyaman province of Turkey and is across the old Katha fortress.

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