Astronomy in Small Asia

Hittite Sun Disc

Astronomy is a very popular science branch in present. But it was also very popular and more important than it is thought. As the seasonal routines were designed up to the astronomical events. Small Asia was a land where astronomy had a very big place in life.

Actually astronomy was a scientific branch which was developed in Mesopotamia. Starting from Hittites period, astronomy shaped the life. For example, spring was the beginning of the year. The bad weather conditions were considered as anger of Gods. Calendars were designed according to sun’s and moon’s movements. Big temples and complexes were built for the Gods.

A year was around 354 days and had 12 months. The months had around 30 days. The measurements are very close to the calendar we are using today. Agricultural activities and festival times were mentioned up to the astronomical calendar. It was based on Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt.

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