Baldheaded boy(Keloğlan) Cave of Denizli; A legend’s nest (or real?)

If you are familiar with Turkish culture or literature, I am sure that you know Baldheaded boy (Keloğlan) very well.He can be considered as second famous character of Turkish culture after Nasreddin hodja. He also has a task to show the nicest manners and to give lessons to the people with humour. Almost every baldheaded people in Anatolia were named as baldheaded boy with various purposes.

This cave’s legend is based on the similar basis. It is said that a baldheaded shepherd loved a girl but family of the girl rejected him as he was baldheaded. He got very upset and he wanted to run away from the people. He hid in this cave for awhile. He noticed that he had bushy hair. So he faced the family of the girl again. The family accepted him as their groom. After that day, the baldheaded people visited this cave to have bushy hair, even today.

It is located in Denizli province of Turkey. It is one of the nicest caves of Turkey beside the story.

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Entrance of the cave

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