Boat tourism in Turkey

Before the COVID outbreak, hiring a boat or a special sort of local ship (Gulet) was one of the preffered travel modes but it was avaliable for high class society. Mostly the people didn’t think this mode very necessary. COVID outbreak changed this trend. Isolation became the most necessary rule and the people looked for alternative modes. So hiring a boat for a period became popular.

The boat tours such as blue voyage and Gulet tourism are more prefferable at present. As Turkish Republic is surrounded by three sides, it became more popular. But we can state that only Aegean sea and Mediterranean Sea tours are improving. Tours of Blacksea aren’t trendable right now due to the wild nature of Black Sea.

Gulets (A local ship especially on the shores of South western coasts of Turkey) are like economical yachts. When we talk about yachts, they are the ones which are worth millions of dollars. Gulets are symbols of Bodrum region. If you had an opportunity to experience a voyage, it would have never been forgotten.

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