Bodrum Underwater Archeological Museum

Bodrum Fortress and Underwater Archeological Museum

Bodrum is hosting a worldwide famous underwater archeological museum. As we know that Halicarnassus was an important destination for trade in ancient era. So many sunken ships and amphoras were discovered in the region. Most of them belong to ancient era. The remains give us valuable information on sea trade in the region and products of the region.

Bodrum Underwater archeological museum is founded at the Bodrum fortress which was built by St.Jean knights by using the stones of legendary Halicarnassus Mausoleion. That mausoleion was one of the seven wonders of ancient era. Even Alexander the Great who conquered here didn’t damage this mausoleion . It was the grave of Persian governor.

Amphoras at the museum

We can see the replicas of sunken ships and we can travel in time by the crew of those ships. Amphoras tell us different and magnificent stories from ancient era.

A replica of sunken ship

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April 2, 2019