Cable car system of Bursa; the longest system of Turkey

Bursa is one of the metropolitan cities of Turkey. Also the historical background is dated back to Hellenistic era. The natural beauties of Bursa province are also very impressive. Especially Mt.Uludağ is very close to the city center. It is higher than 2000 meters. Mt.Uludağ had a very privileged location in the past,too.

Mt.Uludağ is the most popular sightseeing place of Bursa. It is an important destination for winter tourism especially. Due to the highness of the mountain, the road is very steep. But the most joyful way to travel to the mountain is by cable car system which is from the sea level to the peak of the mountain. While climbing to the mountain by cable car, you can see breathtaking view of Mt.Uludağ. It is covered with white sheet in winter. This panorama attracts the visitors to Bursa.

Till it was commenced service in 1963, it became one of the well known routes of Turkey. Mt.Uludağ National Park is the pride of Bursa province. The mountain has also a zone of hotels which is on the upper side of the mountain. It is possible to reach there by cable cars.

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