A house with church; A significant discovery in Laodikya ancient site

Christianity has deep impacts on Small Asia peninsula. After Christianity was accepted as official religion of East Roman Empire, the sites had changed. An example for this period was unearthed. A house with churh was discovered in Laodikya ancient site of Denizli province.

The religious structures have changed in this period. The base of the house was discovered. It has a church in the house. It is guessed that it is around 5500 years old.

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Vikings in Constantinople; Ancient Residents in East Roman era

Bathonea Ancient Site

Bathonea ancient site is a very important site for history because it has many things to light up the era of Byzantine. The archeological excavations have been lasting for years.

According to the last discovery, Vikings were the habitants of Bathonea ancient site. As we know that it was the port of Constantinople. Also it was the last stop before Constantinople. The graves and the casual items tell us a great story about Vikings of East Roman Empire. We know that Vikings were the traders of ancient era. They sailed through various places in the world. Constantinople was one of those various places.

The skeletons gave us valuable hints of the habitants.They adapted on Byzantine life style.

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Anavarza Ancient Site

Adana province is one of the historical regions of Turkey. Due to the deep historical background of the region, there are important historical sites in Adana. Anavarza ancient site is one of them.

It was built in 2nd century AD. It was the capital of Cilicia region in 4th century AD. The important monuments of Anavarza ancient site were unearthed such as the city walls. The archeological excavation is still going on. We know that many civilizations left traces in the region. Starting from Roman Empire era till Ottoman era, Anavarza has been an important site. Today we can see the city walls of the site with the glory.

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Crime of embezzle and bribe in ancient history; Hittites period

Human being is a creature that has good and bad behaviours. It is always valid for every period of the history. Archeaologists found the evidence of embezzle and bribe of Hittites period.

Tax collectors were the offficers who had wide realm of authority in the past. If the state was strong, it doesn’t have a serious results. But it created serious results when the state lost the authority. Hittites’ capital Hattusas is the location and some secret warehouses were unearthed. The details will be revealed sooner.

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Island of Giresun;Mythological island of Black Sea coast…

Island of Giresun….

Turkish landscape offers us many opportunities and stories to travel in time. One of those places is located on Black Sea. It is in border of Giresun province of Black Sea region. It is one of the most important sightseeing places of the region due to its historical background.

Historical island of Giresun

The Giresun Island had been opened for touristic visits late due to COVID pandemic processure. During the visits, health arrangements are applied such as wearing mask and obeying social distance space. Daily boat trips are scheduled for the visit to the island.

Excavations on the island…

Due to to its historical background, it is an archeological zone. We can come across Byzantine(East Roman Empire) site’s ruins. In addition to be an archeological zone, there are mysterious and historical legends for the island. For example, it is told that Amazon warriors had settled here and Hercules’ golden fur was searched on the island.

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Ancient Smyrna site has new discoveries….

Satry carving of Smyrna ancient site

Ancient Smyrna site has many hidden items. Ancient zone was invaded by the illegal urban settlement. After this illegal urban settlement was collapsed, the archeological excavation started.

Legendary Satry creatures were well known figures in ancient Greek. There were a few samples of those figures. A new one was unearthed in ancient Smyrna site. This Satry figure has a hunter stick in his hand. It was unearthed nearby the Smryna amphitheatre.

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Akkadian Empire; The First Emperor SalgonI

Akkadian Empire

The oldest kingdom that was ruled by central king was Akkadian Empire. Before Akkadian Empire, the kingdoms were ruled by landlords.

Salgon I was the first emperor of the world history. He managed to unite all Akkadian tribes and established the first central kingdom. Although he was an Akkadian leader, his empire was extended to Small Asia. He left deep traces in history. Salgon I was having the title “world dominant” and he wasthe first. He saved Akkadians from slavery and he established his empire.

The Akkadian Empire had a huge dominant zone. We can come across the impact of empires after them.

Marriage Procedures and Hittites legacy

Marriage is the basis of the society. The archeology found out that modern marriage procedures are dated back to Hittites’ period. According to Hittites’ tablets, family was the important part of the society. So Hittite public built a system that we have been applying for thousand years.

When a couple decided to build a family, firstly the families gave to in marriage. Then the couple got engaged. The groom gave money and vowes to the bride’s family. We have been applying the same procedures even today. That means this procedure has been living for 3000 years. Anatolian society is using this system today. Even the statement for the affiance was similar. ” With the order of God and the permission of prophet, I would like to marry your daughter.” is the statement we use. The statement was that in that period; “With the order of God, I got ……………… the daughter of………..as a wife”.

Even the groom and bride were described on ancient pot. Bridal veil ceremony was mentioned on a pot. Two witnesses for the wedding ceremony is also dated back to Hittites’ period.

Hittite Sun Disc in Ankara