Why is Turkey so attractive for tourism?

Tourism is a mixture of some branches and culture. Also culture has a diversity inside the subject. Briefly if tourism of a country works well, it means that the management of culture and other branches work very well. Having a tool such as historical background is a gift but the most important thing is to manage them up to the benefit of the country.

Some countries are very lucky for the fundamental of tourism. Turkey is one of them. We have historical background, multi-cultural structure and hospitality. The disadvantage we have is (sometimes) to be lack of management of those tools. Also tourism is one of the top sectors that are affected from international and economical events in the world. We can state that it is a very sensitive sector. The most important tool we have is the reputation of the country. Investing in tourism means to be flexible and open-minded. Any obstacle can interrupt the works of tourism. Tolerance for other cultures and other people is the another key tool of tourism. Especially the religious tourism is one of the top branches in Turkey. Thus belief have a deep diversity in the world. Every culture has good and bad sides. So we should evaluate them in an objective perspective. Natural beauties are the most important tools of a country not only for tourism and also for environment protection. Turkish Republic have all of those tools. Even domestic tourism can be so perfect that our citizens can be an expert of publicity. It requires investment and education. At least we have a great hospitality in our country.

History is a time period which records the events and everything that affects the life. We find out the events and characters from the historical records. That’s why our cultural legacy is very important. According to the records, we had many powerful characters. Roman Emperors are starring. We can list Alexander the Great and Egytpian Queen Cleopatra and more. Isn’t it enough to state those names to show the importance of this landscape?

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New Troy Museum in Turkey

Troy is one of the important ancient sites of the world. It is the one of the priceless treasures for archeaology. It is also one of the famous sites of Turkish Republic in tourism world. The samples of these sites have great museum exhibition halls. According to this perpection, A new exhibition hall was constructed for Troy findings. It is located in the border of Çanakkale province.

If you want to travel in time, Troy is one of the right destinations. All of the findings have interesting stories and they take you this legendary time period.

Don’t forget to schedule a visit to this exhibiton hall, it is worthvisiting…

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Who is Helen of Troy?

Helen of Troy is starring in the story of legendary war. She was the reason of the legendary war. Because of love between Prince Paris and Helen, Greeks and Troians made war. As a result, Greeks won this war and captured Troy. Who is Helen?

She was famous for her beauty. She was so beautiful that everyone including Gods were waiting for her. According to some sources, she was a regular human being. But some sources define her as the daughter of Head God Zeus. Head God Zeus had an affair with Spartan queen Leda as a swan. He was afraid of Hera’s anger that’s why he had affairs in the shape of different animals. Helen was his daughter. Since her teenage years, she was a pupil of noble men and Gods. She married a Greek king but she wasn’t happy. She had an affair with Troian prince Paris. Finally she escaped to Troy. Then Greeks declared war to Troians so they gathered a huge navy and army to attack Troy.

The bust of Helen

If you have an opportunity to visit Troy museum in Çanakkale, don’t hesitate it. Keep traveling in time.

The Legendary War of Troy

If the subject is Troy, we always remember the legendary war that caused Troy to be collapsed by a trick. Most of the people thought that this war was only a fantasy and it had never existed due to the lack of physical evidences. We had just historical records that were written by ancient Greek travelers and myths. It was appeared as historical tale for many people. When the archeaology science developed, archeaology started to find answers for the ancient questions. By the assistance of ancient sources, the archeaologists began to find out what happened actually in the history.

We learn that war of Troy began with Helena of Troy. Actually she was a wife of cruel king and she was famous for her beauty. Troian prince Paris took Helena to their boat secretly. Finally she could manage to run away the cruel king. Older prince Hector got anxious because of this event. The event that he scared became true. Greek states got united against Troy. The appearent reason was Helena but the fact was different. King Agamennon was waiting for opprotunities to attack because of their wealth Troy but he knew that he coudn’t manage to achieve this goal on his own. He needed allies and a reason. He didn’t have anything till that day. The cruel king consulted Agamennon about the issue and they decided to gather the biggest navy as the world had never seen before. The Greek civilization declared war to Troy. They asked for the best warriors and best sailors including Achilles.

Although they gathered the biggest navy of ancient world and the best soldiers of ancient Greek, Troy had a big advantage; the powerful city walls. There used to be a wealthy city inside the wall. Although they had attacked many times, they couldn’t achieve the goal. But Achilles achieved to kill older prince Hector. This war had lasted for 10 years. The Greeks were fed up with fighting, they thought a trick. They built a wooden horse that would be big enough to take hunderds of soldiers inside. The others would hide and wait for the night. It should have been appeared as a defeat monument for Greeks so Troians thought that they had gone. It worked and Troians took it inside the city. They celebrated their victory and the city got defenceless.

After that time, the soldiers hidden in the horse got out of the horse and opened the gates for others. The invasion was completed. This is the story we know. It is not certain that it is completely true.

According to the physical proofs at Troy ancient site, there had been a struggle at the city. Fire traces were discovered on the layer of time period that matches the legendary war period.

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Achilles and Amazon queen Penthesilea; A tragedy during legendary war

The legendary war between Greeks and Troians became true according to the weapon findings on the ancient site. Achilles was one of the top characters for legendary war. Amazons were impartial during the war. Amazon queen Penthesilea had a deep sorrow because she killed her sister by mistake during the hunt. Her depression was so big that she wanted to die. She was a queen and a warrior so committing suicide wasn’t an option for her. She had only a way; to struggle and die in a war.

During the war, Achilles killed the Troian prince Hector. When this news came to Amazon tribe, queen Penthesilea decided to take revenge of Hector. With the effect of her depression, she participated the war at Troian side. Amazons were famous for their combat skills. Amazon queen Penthesilea finally faced Achilles and she fought so well that Achilles couldn’t understand that that warrior was an Amazon. When he killed that warrior, he stared at her face and he fell in love. He admired her for combat skills.

Greek warriors wanted to humiliate Penthesilea and they tortured her. Achilles couldn’t accept this behaviour and he acted her as she deserved.

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To reveal the history in Istanbul…

It is one of the toughest works for the archeaology because we have to come over the ignorance of years and insufficient policy of the state. Istanbul city has been growing for thousands of years. A new layer has been covering the old one. So many sites and stories were buried. They are expected to unearth in order to reveal the secret of development in this region.

Urbanisation is one of the major issues against this subject. We can consider destroying the old one and building a new civilization as the common behaviour of the human being in the history. It is still going on but today more people are aware of this fact; if we want to build the future, we should look at the past.

For example, earthquakes are the major issues for this region. We should look at the layers of the city and check the earthquake schedule of the region. Actually we have this information but we ignore it unfortunately. Insufficient policy of the state is one of the barriers to solve this problem. We have historical records that give us information on the earthquakes of the region. We still debate on some solutions but no active work.

Do you know that Istanbul has been one of the attraction points in the history? Many tribes and nations visited here even they settled here. Latins and Vikings were some of them. We knew the Latin invasion but Viking existence on the shore of a Istanbul lake told us another interesting story.

You may consider Istanbul as one of the centers where modern world civilization was built. We can look at this city with this perpective.

Listen to Istanbul because it still has many things to to tell us.

Why is Constantinople /Istanbul sacred in the history?

This region has something mysterious in the history. The legends and stories are always existed in this region. Even before Roman era, the public of this strait (for both banks) have mysterious life time.

Even today, we don’t have significant information on pre-historic Istanbul. Archeaology unearths many new hints on the history of the region. In recent time, the archeaologists unearthed the oldest village of the city on Asian Minor of Istanbul. It is thought that it is around 10.000 years old. The excavations of Chalcedon ancient city ( most of the ancient site had been discovered short time ago) proves us that this land is hiding something mysterious about its life time. Chalcedon was established on the Asian minor. Also it is named as ” the land of blinds” because the public of this side couldn’t see the meaning of historical town of old city.

Early residentals left us a few things for us. We have the East Roman Empire era mostly. According to the official news, the history of this city is dated back to pre-historic periods. Those layers are under our feets. Even Marmara sea and Istanbul strait are hiding hints about Istanbul’s history. Briefly Istanbul still has many things to say us.

The only thing we need is a long term archeaological work on the city. This work should compromise both sides of the city.

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An Egyptian Seal in Small Asia

It is the statement that we use it; Small Asia was a transition region between East and West. Proofs of this statement are being unearthed in our landscape.

The destination is Kamona Pontika ancient site that has a historical background till Roman era. During the archeological excavation, an Egyptian seal was unearthed. It is known that it was a trade city and many traders from the ancient world were visiting here including Egyptians.

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Diyarbakır Grand Mosque; The oldest mosque of Anatolia

As we state, Diyarbakır is a centre of South Eastern region which is the transition route between West and East. That’s why we come across many cultural layers. The another witness of this cultural layer is Grand Mosque.

It is guessed that it was built in 7th century by Muslim tribes. Also the architectural proofs show us that it used to be a church. It is guessed that Muslim armies transformed this church to a mosque.

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