Akkadian Empire; The First Emperor SalgonI

Akkadian Empire

The oldest kingdom that was ruled by central king was Akkadian Empire. Before Akkadian Empire, the kingdoms were ruled by landlords.

Salgon I was the first emperor of the world history. He managed to unite all Akkadian tribes and established the first central kingdom. Although he was an Akkadian leader, his empire was extended to Small Asia. He left deep traces in history. Salgon I was having the title “world dominant” and he wasthe first. He saved Akkadians from slavery and he established his empire.

The Akkadian Empire had a huge dominant zone. We can come across the impact of empires after them.

General Alcetas; Immortal warrior

There are many unknown warriors in ancient era. We just know the characters such as Alexander the Great or Emperor Ceasar. But we don’t know their soldiers or generals eactly. Their names were deleted by the history but this general is lucky because he is immortal.

General Alcetas was the general of Aleandre the Great. After Aleander the Great had passed away, a struggle among the genarals started in empire due to the absence of successor. General Alcetas sheltered to Thermessos site while fighting against another general of Alexander the Great. Other general wanted him back from the city council. But he had connected to warriors of the site and they vowed him to fight for him. So the warriors didn’t let him deliver. But the city council made a trick to warriors and they delivered him as a body because he committed suicide. He was humiliated and tortured by the rival general.

Unfortunately the warriors couldn’t rescue him but they built a tomb for him. So Alcetas became immortal in Thermessos site.

Thermessos site is on the skirt of Güllük Mountain of Antalya. It is one of the protected but unexcavated site of Turkey.

A sword from Small Asia to Venice

A sword was unearthed in Venice City. Archeologists thought that it might be from middle age. It was hidden in an Armenian monastery. A trained expert thought that it could be older than it is thought.

Finally we found out that it is older than middle age and it was similiar to the swords that were made in Arslantepe ancient site of Turkey.

Arslantepe ancient site was one of the important residental zones of the region. Signs of a rich site were unearthed.

Roman Emperor Nero was in Laodikya site of Small Asia.

Roman Emperor Nero was one of the best known Roman emperors. Laodikya site of Denizli was an important site. Head of Nero was discovered in that ancient site. It was the head of a statue that was three meter tall. In addition to Roman Emperor Nero, many heads of gods and goddess’ were discovered.

This ancient site had an important location. So it is logical to think that Roman Emperor Nero visited here.

Travel to Turkey so travel in time…

Parion; A port city of Roman age

Parion was an important ancient site and today it is located in the border of Çanakkale province. The discoveries in Parion make the archeologist very excited.

A tomb was unearthed and it is understood that it belongs to a local woman doctor. Some solutions were found. She cured some diseases by using snake poison.

Also the items showed us that it was the site of retired soldiers. There used to be a legion at the site.

Russia; Visitors of Mediterranean coasts

Russian tourists are familiar visitors of Antalya and Mediterranean coasts. Hotels are waiting for Russian tourist groups every year. Demand of Russia is increasing every year. Due to the warm climate of Antalya, Russian prefer southern Turkey.

Quality of Antalya is the fact that attracts Russians here. They are all warm blooded guests of Antalya.

Turkey; Capital of archeology

Archeology is the science that discovers the history. There are some countries that are considered as centers of archeology. Turkey is one of them because Turkey has a deep historical background. That’s why this landscape has a priceless heritage.

Archeology unearths the past and lightens up the mystery of the history. Turkey is one of the richest countries for history because archeology showed us that the oldest temples and sites were constructed in this peninsula. Important events became true here.

Archeologists can discover any event and find the traces of important characters here.

Attractive destination: TURKEY

Fethiye – Dead Sea Gulf

Turkey has a lot of attractive regions and stories. Thus we live on a land that is full of mystery. For example do you know why Egyptian queen Cleopatra came to Tarsus? To meet her love Marcus Antonious. Or do you know where Alexander the Great dominated the world? In Gordion when he cut the knot.

Especially Aegean and Mediterranean coasts have been famous for centuries. Those coasts have interesting stories and epics. The pirates of Mediterranean were visiting those places in order to supply water and food. All of this peninsula witnessed historical events. History left a very important legacy here.

Vikings in this landscape for centuries


Vikings are one of the well- known nations of the history. They traveled in whole world and they left valuable traces behind. Vikings came to this landscape.

We could be able to see Vikings in Constantinople. They came here to develop trade activity with East Romans. Indeed they aimed to loot Constantinople as they did everywhere but Byzantines were an empire and they were stronger than Vikings. A Viking commander Halvdan left a signature in Constantinople. He carved his name in Constantinople. They had settled in the city for long times. Maybe they had visited other regions of this peninsula but we don’t know certainly.


Priapos ancient site; A site where Persians were beaten by Alexander the Great

Priapos ancient city

Indeed Priapos ancient site isn’t a well known ancient site. It was a small site that was member of Attic- Delos Marine Unity. It is thought that it had the name of Priapos who was the son of Dionysos and Aphrodite. It is the fact that a historical war existed in that region. This is the story;

We are going back to 334 BC. Macedonia King Alexander the Great was approaching the city. Priapos surrendered because they didn’t have any power to resist. Alexander the Great continued his campaign and he faced Persian army. Two big armies made a war named Granicos battle.Alexander the Great won the battle and Persian domination was broken in the region. This was the historical struggle between Macedonia Kingdom and Persian Empire.

Priapos ancient site is located in Biga district of Çanakkale.As archeological excavations aren’t done in the region, we don’t have so much physical proof about its history.