Ancient Smyrna site has new discoveries….

Satry carving of Smyrna ancient site

Ancient Smyrna site has many hidden items. Ancient zone was invaded by the illegal urban settlement. After this illegal urban settlement was collapsed, the archeological excavation started.

Legendary Satry creatures were well known figures in ancient Greek. There were a few samples of those figures. A new one was unearthed in ancient Smyrna site. This Satry figure has a hunter stick in his hand. It was unearthed nearby the Smryna amphitheatre.

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Ancient Port of Constantinople will become an archeological park.

During the underground train construction, the ancient port of Constantinople was unearthed in Istanbul. Many ancient items were unearthed beside the port. It is also considered as one of the ancient ports of ancient world. Thanks to its location, many samples of the well preserved Byzantine vessels were discovered.

Constantinople map

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality decided to build an archeological park on that site. So modern world is going to recognize this historical site. Byzantine vessels will be exhibited. A contest will be organized and a design will be chosen.

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Russia allowance to Turkey

Another good news for Turkish tourism came from Russia. Russian Government led Russian citizens travel to Turkey. The flights will start sooner in August. Russian tourists prefer Antalya for the vacations that’s why Antalya tourism will be alive with Russians this year.

Russia is one of the major markets for Turkish tourism. Especially in recent years, Russian tourism has the biggest share in Mediterranean region of Turkey. Antalya is top preferred destination among Russian citizens. After the COVID-19 pandemic period, everything has changed and this situation caused the people to rethink against normal conditions. Despite of this situation, Turkey is also waiting for the guests this year with new arrangements.

Russian tourism has a major share especially on Mediterranean region.

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Antalya Marina; The inner center of the city

Antalya City Center

Antalya is named as “the Mediterranean Riviera” by the tourism experts. Due to the historical background and natural beauties, Antalya is a worldwide famous holiday resort of Turkey. Even Antalya can be considered as the capital of Turkish tourism sector. That’s why whole world remembers Antalya firstly when Turkey is on subject of tourism.

Antalya Marina

Antalya is the province where you can swim in the morning and you can skate in the afternoon. High territories of Antalya offer us great skate centers. Even in summer days, you can find snow on the peaks. Antalya Marina is the city center where you can find accommodation facilities.

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Valla Canyon; A paradise in Blacksea region

Bird view of Valla Canyon

Meet the second deepest canyon of the world; Valla Canyon of Kastamonu province. It has an attractive atmosphere. I am sure that any adventurer who visits here once will fall in love with this beauty.

Like other samples of the world, a glass terrace was built on the canyon in order to watch this beauty from the top. A visitor can be sure that it is a worthvisiting place in Turkey.

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Salda Lake; Geological wonder of Turkey

Salda Lake of Turkey

Salda Lake is one of the natural wonders of Turkey. Due to the geological structure of the lake, it has a different place. It is so important that NASA even made a declaration on Salda Lake geological works. It means that Salda Lake is worldwide famous for both branches; Tourism and Science

According to NASA, Salda Lake has a similarity with a crater on Mars surface. The chemical structure is alike a crater on Mars such as the organic substances. It is obvious that Earth and Mars have similarity in geological structure. So the scientists of the world plan to experience such places on Earth firstly then they think what they may face on Mars.

Turkey has a long and deep geological background so we can find many places and masterpieces of nature. That’s why it is one of the attraction centers of adventure lovers and scientists.

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Kanlıbüvet Canyon; A new attraction center for East Mediterranean region

Kanlıbüvet Canyon/Kahramanmaraş

Kahramanmaraş province has a new attraction centre that is named Kanlıbüvet Canyon. It is famous for clean and blue water. Also it has a very cold water. This natural beauty is an attraction center for the region especially for hot summer days.

A view from the top

Natural beauties of Turkey are more impressive than it is thought.

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Castle Zil; A great monument of Rize province

Castle Zil

Europe is famous for middle age castles. A similar castle is in Rize province of Black Sea region. It is called Zil Castle. It is a similar middle age castle. It was dated back to 14th century.

It was restored in recent years. Today it is an attraction centre for local tourism.

Hamsilos National Park; A hidden bay in Black sea region

Hamsilos National Park

Sinop province has a secret bay that is called Hamsilos National Park. It was a bay where the pirates hid. This bay was formed by the iceberg moves.

It is a natural attraction place for domestic and international tourists. ıf you seek a quiet place, Hamsilos national park is the right place. You can arrive this bay by yachts also.

A panorama of Hamsilos Bay