Malatya Fortress Remains

Turkish landscape has many historical sightseeing places such as fortress’. Some of them are well preserved so they can be visited by the tourists. But some of them aren’t lucky. Even tough they had a critical location for the site in the past, they are only ruins at present.

Old Malatya city walls are good samples for this sort of archeological buildings.The construction started in 78 AD. But it couldn’t be able to build for a long time. It was completely built in East Roman Empire era and its mission was to defend the old city. Turkish tribes dominated the region and the fortress was restored. After this era, it had been used actively for a long time. Then it was forgotten.

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Gaziantep Fortress

G.Antep is one of the historical centers in South Eastern region. As we can come across many historical sightseeing places, Fortress of Gaziantep is a worthvisiting site. It was built in 3600 BC. It has been using actively since its construction.

The historical background of the city is dated back to ancient era. As the region is on the route of Mesopotamia, the civilizations tried to dominate the region. It is located on a criticual position on the route of Western and Eastern connection. Trade has been the major economical activity for centuries.

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City of Prophets-Şanlıurfa;Holy Pool with Fish

Holy Pool with Fishes

South Eastern of Turkey has many impressive stories. Şanlıurfa is one of the provinces that have an important place. It is named as the city of prophets. There is a pool in Şanlıurfa province.

The legend was in Babylon King Nemrut reign. Fortune tellers of King recommended the dream and they told him that a child would be a danger for him. So he ordered soldiers to kill all boys. Only Ibrahim could manage to run away. But he was found in a cave and came into King’s presence. King liked him and adopted him. King was paganist and he wanted everyone to obey paganism. Ibrahim destroyed all pagan god sculptures. King got mad and although he was his adopted son, he ordered his adopted son’s execution.

The pool with fishes used to be the place where the execution were committed. He was planned to be thrown into the fire. Suddenly a miracle became true. The fire became a lake, the woods became fishes when he fell into the fire. Everbody who witnessed this miracle believed in only a God.

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Trabzon Fortress;

Trabzon is one of the historical cities of Turkey. It is dated back to 4th century AD. The fortress of the city is the symbol of the ancient site. It was the gate of the city and also the facility to defend the city. It was also used by other empires which dominated the region. It was expanded by building facilities to the fortress. It was built on the peak of the city.

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Cable car system of Bursa; the longest system of Turkey

Bursa is one of the metropolitan cities of Turkey. Also the historical background is dated back to Hellenistic era. The natural beauties of Bursa province are also very impressive. Especially Mt.Uludağ is very close to the city center. It is higher than 2000 meters. Mt.Uludağ had a very privileged location in the past,too.

Mt.Uludağ is the most popular sightseeing place of Bursa. It is an important destination for winter tourism especially. Due to the highness of the mountain, the road is very steep. But the most joyful way to travel to the mountain is by cable car system which is from the sea level to the peak of the mountain. While climbing to the mountain by cable car, you can see breathtaking view of Mt.Uludağ. It is covered with white sheet in winter. This panorama attracts the visitors to Bursa.

Till it was commenced service in 1963, it became one of the well known routes of Turkey. Mt.Uludağ National Park is the pride of Bursa province. The mountain has also a zone of hotels which is on the upper side of the mountain. It is possible to reach there by cable cars.

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Ordu-Boztepe; A new sight seeing destination for Turkish Tourism

Boztepe of Ordu province

Black Sea region is famous for natural beauties and outdoor facilities. High upright mountains and plateaus form a great combination for adventure lovers. Height is the other fact that makes a great choice for outdoor sports lovers.

Boztepe district of Ordu province provides this sort of outdoor activity. A peak nearby the city centre is connected to city center by cable cars. On the other hand, paragliding is other famous outdoor activity in the region. The peak is around 900 mt. high. It means that the panorama of Black sea and city center with the bird view has a great combination. You have to pay a fare for cable cars. It is an amazing experience.

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Ancient Spring of Hierapolis;Travel in time

If you want to travel in time, Anatolia is the right address for you. Ancient spring of Hierapolis is the sightseeing place of today but it has been used for a long time. It was a popular place for Roman elite society, even it is told that Queen Cleopatra had visited here. It is guessed that it is around 2500 years old. Even today this spring attracts the visitors.

This hot spring was the center of ancient site Hierapolis. This ancient site tell us how valuable the region is, although time has passed.

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Cumalıkızık Village; One of the oldest settlement areas on Anatolia

Cumalıkızık Village of Bursa Province

Cumalıkızık village is one of the oldest settlement areas of Turkish landscape. Although it is known that it has a deeper historical background, it is at least 700 years old. The authentic architecture of the village reflects the beginning era of Ottoman state. This village is under protection of historical sites directory.

Cumalıkızık village is one of the earlier settlement areas of Ottoman era. Ottoman state dominated this region in 1300’s. Some East Roman era objects were unearthed during the archeaological excavation. Today it is one of the important destinations for domestic tourism.

Narrow streets of Cumalıkızık Village

The authentic architecture is still impressive for the visitors of the village. It is one of the oldest structural compositions in the history. The historical background attracts the visitors to the village.

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Trilye;The town of olive in Bursa

Trilye town of Bursa

There is a cute town on the coast of Marmara Sea. This town is named as Trilye and it is originally old Greek village. It is famous for the olive. The original architecture is still being preserved. It has an authentic atmosphere in the town. The major economical activity is the sector of olive. You can find olives, olive oil, olive soaps and olive colognes briefly you can everything on olive in the town. Trilye is on the peak of the visit especially in summer. As it is very close to Istanbul and Bursa, it is an attraction center for domestic tourism. The local of the town is almost the farmers of olive. But they are very friendly.

Trilye Houses

There are various stories on the name of Trilye. According to a theory, the name of the town means three priests. Trilye is the word in Greek language. The authentic atmosphere of the town takes the breath away. It is one of the destinations that are worthvisiting during the route to Western Anatolia.

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Anatolian Wine Factories and Vineyards

Wine presentation

Anatolian wines and grapes are worldwide famous and they have been rewarded for several times. We can come across quality grapes and wines in Turkey. Due to the convenience of the climate, agriculture is able to develop in Turkey. That means, the products such as grapes are so quality that the wines are produced very quality.

Vineyard from Tracia

Vineyards are expanded in Turkey. Turkey is one of the countries which are lucky for quality wines. Tracian region, Aegean region and Central Anatolia are well known regions worldwide. The wines of those regions have awards worldwide.

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