November in Antalya

The photo above was taken in November. The location is Antalya. Actually November is a winter month but Antalya is different. Due to the climate of Antalya, winter is cooler than rest of Turkey. Winter is cool but sunny. It often snows. Summer is very hot.

Due to the feature of Antalya, the city is always attractive. When the winter in Antalya is like summer, we can come across the same sceneries like summer. Foreign tourists prefer Antalya because the climate is cooler than winter standards. Tourists that are especially from cold climates visit Antalya in winter and summer. So it isn’t a surprise to have a same scenery in winter as if we live the summer…

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Garden of Priest; A hidden beauty of Mersin

Natural beauties of Turkey are very impressive. It can be considered as the gift of nature to Anatolian peninsula.

There is a natural beauty that is named as the garden of priest in Mersin province of Turkey. Waterfalls and resorts are the nicest panoramas of this sight seeing place.

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Gökçetepe Natural Park; A natural beauty

Turkey’s natural parks are famous for natural beauty and bio-diversity. North Western region of Turkey ( Greek border of Turkey) has a great bay named Saros bay. Gökçetepe Natural Park is located at the Saros Bay. This bay is one of the well known holiday resort of Turkey due to natural background.

As it is far away from industrial zones, the region offers us a clean and great panorama. It is also good for respiratory tract diseases. This natural park gives the visitors a great opprtunity. Saros Bay is one of the worthvisiting holiday resorts of Turkey.

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Sarıkamış Wintersport facility; A peak of Eastern Anatolia

Mt.Sarıkamış of Kars is one of the well known destinations of Turkey. It is famous for wild and beautiful natural structure. Due to the tough winter conditions, it is one of the suitable places for winter sports.

The wintersport facility has various tracks for various levels. It is getting more famous everyday.

It has also historical background. It is the place where thousands of young Turkish soldiers martyrized by freezing in WW 1. They became martyrs without shooting any bullet to the enemy.

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Pistachio;Turkish dried nuts

Pistachio is one of the well known dried nuts of Turkey. It is planted in Gaziantep province. Pistachio is known as the dried nut of Gaziantep. This species is on the list of protection due to the extinction danger. It contains fiber and protein. It is one of the popular dried nuts of Turkish cuisine. It is also considered as very tasteful.

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Baldheaded boy(Keloğlan) Cave of Denizli; A legend’s nest (or real?)

If you are familiar with Turkish culture or literature, I am sure that you know Baldheaded boy (Keloğlan) very well.He can be considered as second famous character of Turkish culture after Nasreddin hodja. He also has a task to show the nicest manners and to give lessons to the people with humour. Almost every baldheaded people in Anatolia were named as baldheaded boy with various purposes.

This cave’s legend is based on the similar basis. It is said that a baldheaded shepherd loved a girl but family of the girl rejected him as he was baldheaded. He got very upset and he wanted to run away from the people. He hid in this cave for awhile. He noticed that he had bushy hair. So he faced the family of the girl again. The family accepted him as their groom. After that day, the baldheaded people visited this cave to have bushy hair, even today.

It is located in Denizli province of Turkey. It is one of the nicest caves of Turkey beside the story.

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Entrance of the cave

Mt.Cilo; the biggest glacier of Turkey and tectonic lakes

Mt Cilo National Park of Hakkari is a place that was declared as national park short time ago. By the declaration of Turkish Presidency, the region is a national park. The territory was under the terror danger for a long time.

There is the biggest glacier of Turkey. Also there are glacier lakes on the region. But due to global warming, it is melting. Mt.Cilo and mountains chains are considered as one of the highest peaks of Turkey.

Today it is one of the attraction centers for hikers and camping lovers. The region is being visited by mountaineers.

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Asthma Cave; A natural cave under the ground

It has been reported for several times that Turkish landscape has many great natural structures. Caves can be considered as one of the most important structures of Turkish landscape. They light up the history of this landscape and also they are very useful for human being health.

One of them is Asthma Cave of Mersin province. It is located in Silifke county of Mersin. This cave is very close to Paradise and Hell caves of Mersin. It is reported that it is very good for respiratory tract diseases such as asthma. Humidity is around %90 in the cave. It changes in seasons. It is one of the most visited natural beauties of Turkey.

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