Aphrodisias ancient site; Sacrophaguses around necropolis

Necropolis was the most important section of an ancient site. It was called as the site of dead people. Archeaology finds valuable hints on the life of ancient people. Unfortunately some illegal treasure hunters can be able to do good discoveries.

Aphrodisias ancient site’s necropolis area was very important. Two sarcopgahuses were discovered on a territory nearby Aphrodisias ancient site. It is thought that this area is the necropolis of Aphrodisias ancient site. The most interesting discovery is that Medusa stamp was found on the sarcophaguses. Fortunately that territory and tombs were rescued from illlegal treasure hunts.

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Antakya (Hatay); One of the cultural centers of Turkey

Antakya (Hatay) is one of the historical provinces in Turkey. Historical background of Antakya is dated back to early ages. Since the history was begun, we can be able to come across historical objects in Antakya. Also Antakya (Hatay) is the latest province that joined Turkish Republic (1939). Hatay is in the south region of Turkey.

Titus Tunnel /Antakya(Hatay)

Since the Roman age, the monuments have been erected or built. Titus Tunnel is one of them. In order to stop the floods, Titus tunnel was constructed. It is so big that a river can run inside the tunnel.

St.Pierre Church

First church of Christianity was built in Hatay. Before this church, chapels were used for praying. As the prayers were getting more, the Christians carved this church. And they built in the name of the apostle St.Pierre.

Hell Boatman/Antakya

Hell boatman is a statue that is looking through Antakya city. According to the legend, it was carved to protect ancient city. Unfortunately it is an unfinished statue.

Hatay was the autonomous republic after 1930’s. There was a conflict for this autonomous republc. It was considered as the part of Turkish Republic. It joined to Turkish Republic in 1939.

Hatay is considered as the peaceful city of big religions. Mosques, synagogue and mosques are living together.

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Edirne; The northern western border of Turkey

Selimiye Mosque – the symbol of Edirne

Edirne is one of the provinces that have historical background in Turkey. Starting from Roman era, this region became very important. Emperor Hadrianus had a city built in this region. It was an important destination for Roman Empire. It could be considered as an important port city.

Ainos ancient site

After Roman Empire era, Turks dominated the region. They settled this region and this region became one of the entrance points of Turks. Edirne was the first capital of Ottoman State. This city remained as capital until Constantinople was conquered in 1453. The symbol of the city is Selimiye Mosque. It was built by Sultan Selim II. The head architect was Architect Sinan who is the greatest architect of all times (even today). Today Edirne is the border city to Greece and Bulgaria.

Also the region has many natural beauties.

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Cappadocia; the land of beautiful horses

Cappadocia is a touristic resort of Turkey. It is known by the fairy chimneys mostly. But this land was famous for something else in the history. Cappadocia was famous for beautiful wild horses in the past.

Wild horses of Anatolia are beautiful and great. They are still living in this land. Tours with horses are one of the famous tours of Cappadocia.

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Oylat Cave; The natural treasure of Bursa province

Caves of Turkey are famous for the natural structures and historical background. Oylat cave is one of the caves that was discovered in 2004. It is around 3 million years old. It is located in Bursa province.

It has 700 mt depth and 93 mt height. The humidity is 90%. It was opened for tourism in 2006.

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Boat Tourism; A new trend in COVID-19 outbreak

As we know that isolation is the key word for new travel trends. Some sorts of travel become famous after the COVID -19 outbreak. Boat tourism such as blue voyage is more preferrable by the visitors.

Mediterranean and Aegean coasts are the best destinations for blue voyage. A good vacation in a boat can be a great option for summer vacation.

Turkish coasts are one of the best options for blue voyage.

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Caravan tourism in Turkey

Caravan tourism became a new trend in tourism. Isolation is the key of travel in new era. COVID-19 changed all trends in our life. Caravan tourism developed by the assistance of natural beauties. Freedom and isolation created new trends in tourism. Due to the health reasons, accommodation facilities are questioned and all travellers get anxious because of the pandemic.

Caravan has a wide fan group in Europe but it can be considered as new in Turkey because the vacations are all planned as a family in Turkey (mostly). Individual freedom is less known subject in Turkey. Caravan tourism is related to individual freedom. After COVID-19 outbreak in the country, individual freedom and isolation got united. Caravan tourism has a new meaning in Turkey.

Due to the natural structure of Turkey, Caravan can be the symbol of freedom. Trends of travel are changing.

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Anamur; The land of domestic banana

Turkish territory is so natural that we can come across many fruits and agricultural products. Banana is one of them. Especially Anamur – the county of Mersin province – is famous for domestic bananas in Turkey. It is located in the south of Turkish Republic. In the recent years, the agricultural products are diversified.

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