Ercis Castle came in sight after draining back of Lake Van

Van Lake got less rain this year so the level of the lake got down. This drain made the Ercis Castle come in sight again. This castle was built on the shore of Van Lake around 1000 years ago. The level of the lake got higher in a period. Thus it remained under Lake Van.

Ercis Castle has a historical background. It has been restored several times in history. It was used by every states which dominated the region. The dry seasons let some historical buildings to come in sight. It is one of the ancient buildings of Van region.

Dilek Peninsula National Park of Aydın Province; Popular sightseeing place of the summer

View of National Park

This summer season or high season had a short period because of COVID-19 outbreak. Some sightseeing places became very popular in this period such as Dilek Peninsula National Park in Aydın province. Despite the shortness of this high season, National Park of Dilek Peninsula was visited by around 800.000 tourists. Normally high season finishes in September or October but because of pandemic progress, high season extended till November.

This national park is one of the favorite parks in Turkey. It is the attraction center for the advanture lovers who love hiking and natural tours.

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A Hidden Natural Beauty in Black Sea Region

Black Sea region is famous for natural beauties due to the region’s natural structure. The coast of Black Sea has a regular plain but you can see that straight mountains stand in front of the coast. Those mountains hide many natural beauties inside. One of them was discovered by chance. It is a small waterfall but it looks impressive. It is located in Bartın province of Turkey. Its water is clear and cold. It is named as Kalecik Waterfall.

Turkey is a country that is full of hidden beauties. Discover Turkey and feel the nature.

Caving in Turkey; Magnificent Caves of Turkey

Cave in Turkey

Turkish caves are one of the most important sight seeing places of Turkey. They are so magnificent that you may imagine yourself as if you visit another world. So caving is a popular outdoor activity in Turkey. It has been mentioned several times as Turkish landscape is as old as world’s lands age. Those caves were formed in period of millions of years.

Caves are the master pieces of nature. They are so beautiful that they have their own eco-world. Caving is probably only outdoor activity that it is more impressive than flying to space.

Rafting in a marvellous cave….

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Summer Time in Turkey; Beaches were full in August

After the COVID outbreak in spring of 2020, one of the most important issue was how we could spend the summer. The public was shocked in March, April and May, then the summer came. It was reported that hot weather was capable of reducing the impact of the virus. So whole northern semisphere looked forward to having summer days.

Turkey waited for summer days to be free at least for three months. So summer came to northern semisphere. Turkish domestic tourism became free with some restrictions. International tourism was interrupted. The holiday resorts and beaches were full. There were two reasons, to run away from the outbreak and to spend vacations (even for a shorter time). Of course, this situation caused a discussion. Authorities discussed about the impact of the virus after this relief. Despite of the discussion, public chose to spend this limited free time in beaches and holiday resorts.

I hope that COVID-19 is going to lose its impact by the development of treatment.

A Glass Terrace on Çatak Valley of Black Sea region

Black Sea region of Turkey has a breath taking view. That’s why deep canyons are greatest figures of the region. Authorities built a glass terrace on Çatak Valley of Kastamonu province.

It is around 400 meters high. The glass terrace offers us a great view for the panorama.

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A cistern of Byzantine era was unearthed in Southern East Anatolia

Turkey has many hidden treasures that’s why any person can find any historical building. For example, a cistern from Byzantine period was unearthed in Mardin province of South Eastern Anatolia.

It is reported that it is like underground cistern of Istanbul but it is six meter higher than the underground cistern. The work on this cistern is going on so we can find out more later.

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Great items of ancient sites in Central Anatolia

A paint palette

Central Anatolia has a thousand year background. We can see this statement by examining the findings in ancient sites. The archeologists unearth many valuable items in recent years.

A painting palette was unearthed in the ancient site. It is guessed that it is around 5000 years old. It proves that painting has been used as the way to express human being emotions for thousands of years. This palette is the evidence of high advanced society.

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Fossils of Elephants’ ancestry and Turtles in Central Anatolia…

It is known that Central Anatolia was the home of life millions years ago. The archeologists unearthed elephants’ ancestry and turtle fossils that are around 8 million years old. It is reported that turtle fossil was the first in Turkey.

Turkish landscape has many surprises for us. Life of the past times is lying under our feet. Even millions years ago there used to be a life on this soil…

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