Pistachio;Turkish dried nuts

Pistachio is one of the well known dried nuts of Turkey. It is planted in Gaziantep province. Pistachio is known as the dried nut of Gaziantep. This species is on the list of protection due to the extinction danger. It contains fiber and protein. It is one of the popular dried nuts of Turkish cuisine. It is also considered as very tasteful.

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Roses of Anatolia; A gift to Anatolian Peninsula

Beside the historical sites, Turkish landscape has many natural gifts such as worldwide famous roses Isparta province. This rose species has many feature such as odour and taste. Its scent is so beautiful that it can create a paradise and it is so delicious that the rose jam is one of the delicious jams of Turkey. It is also one of the high quality export goods in Turkey.

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Turkish Ravioli; A famous fast food for Turkish Cuisine

Turkish cuisine is one of the well known cuisines of the world. Whole world focused on cuisines in order to tonify the immune system. Fast foods of Turkish cuisine are lighter than Western style fast foods. Turkish Ravioli is one of them. Dumplings are prepared firstly then they are boiled in hot water. This easy dish is served with yoghurt and garlic sauce. Especially Kayseri province is famous for Turkish Ravioli.

European Anchovy; the symbol fish of Black Sea region

Anchovy is a symbol fish of Black Sea region. Local people of Black Sea region use anchovy in every dish. Local cuisine is based on anchovy. Even a desert that is prepared with anchovy is in the list of Black Sea cuisine.

Rice with anchovy and dessert of anchovy are some dishes that are well known in the world.

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Turkish Miracle; Yoghurt

Turkish cuisine has a miracle good that has specific features. Its name is Yoghurt. All of us eat this good with appetite. Also it is a very useful good for health. It is made of milk and yoghurt yeast. It is proved that it is a necessary good for healthy aging. Due to its contents, it keeps human being very healthy till the very old ages. Today we have many sort of yoghurts such as yoghurt with vegetables and probiotic yoghurts. Basically they are all the same.

Yoghurt’s history is dated back to Turk’s history. Milk was the major product of Turkish tributes and Anatolian farmers. So they used milk in every possible good. Yoghurt was exported to Europe after Vienna campaign of Ottoman Empire. During long siege period, Turkish army fed with yoghurt and produced a drink named Ayran.

Some historians stated that Europeans wondered of the good of Turkish army. So they tested the yoghurt. It is the sample of cultural affection.

It is very helpful for the digestive system and immunity. Also it is stated that it is very useful for sleeping problems. In addition to milk elements, yeast contains some useful bacterias for the body.

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Turkish Traditional Meatball

Turkish meatball is one of the delicious fast-foods of the world. I am sure that you know hamburger meats and other sort of meatballs. But Turkish traditional meatball is different.

The recipe of Turkish meat is like that; firstly prepare your mixture to shape it. You are going to need mincemeat (calf meat,lamb meat), onion and some spices. You can add some stuff such as stale bread,egg, flour and chervil. You will have to knead this mixture exactly. It is possible to scale the stuff for your taste. After kneading your mixture, you are ready to shape it. Then you can cook them as you want. It can be cooked on the pan or added to a meal. Good appetite..

There are different tastes for the meatball. The recipe is mainly the same but some species and stuff can change the flavor.

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Traditional Turkish ice cream: Maraş ice cream

Ice cream is the most popular dessert of the world probably especially in summer. I am sure that people at every age look forward to eating ice cream in summer. We know that ice cream has many flavours in every country.

Kahramanmaraş is the province of Turkey which is located in southern part of Turkish republic. It is famous for an ice cream flavour worldwide. This ice cream is a little bit different than others. This ice cream is more intense than others. The difference of this ice cream is the gum base that is added during the manifacture. So it can stretch like a gum. You can be sure that it is one of the most delicious desserts of the world. It can be served in many forms.

A tea and a circular bread(Simit); two great companions

When you visit Turkey, you are going to meet two great companions; tea and a circular bread(simit). Imagine that you are sitting in cafe on the coast.

One of your best option is this combination. It has a great pleasure while tasting them. Circular bread (simit) is famous fast food of daily life. It is also a cheap way to get a fast food.

Turkish Delight; the most sweetest dessert of the world….

Ones who visited Turkey once know this fact very well. Turkish delight is one of the desserts that can cause addictive. Variety of Turkish delight is so wide that it can be prepared of any fruit. It is the acompanion of Turkish coffee. Bitter Turkish coffee has a sweet taste with delight. It is the most famous complimentary for our culture.

If you don’t have any sickness like diabetes, it is a great taste. It may cause addictive and you can put in weight. I don’t blame on you if you love Turkish delight.

Rakı: A magical Turkish alcoholic beverage

There is an alcoholic beverage of Turkey; Rakı. It is a colorless beverage in the bottle, it gets white when you add water. It is a tough drink, you had better drink with water.

It is a companion of various meals such as fish. For example Rakı + fish= Ayvalık, it is the formula of pleasure in Aegean region. You can also taste kebab with rakı.

Its original glass is thin and tall. Some artists created some special rakı glasses. Some excuses to drink rakı were written on them.

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