Safranbolu; the historical town of Turkey

In addition to summer tourism, cultural tourism is also other popular tourism branch in Turkey. Thanks to the cultural legacy of Turkey, the historical towns are very popular worldwide. One of them is Safranbolu county of Karabük province. Safranbolu is famous for the delight and the traditional architecture of the region.

The historical mansions of Safranbolu are in the UNESCO list. Those mansions are the symbols of the region and they are under protection. Some of them were redesigned as pansions. Don’t forget to taste the delight.

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Historical Mansions of K.Maraş

Turkey has many regions that are famous for the traditional architecture. Kahramanmaraş is one of the south provinces of Turkey. The traditional architecture of the city reflects on the historical mansions of the city. Those mansions are around 500 years old.

Those mansions were restored and revalued.

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Osmangazi/Bursa; An awarded historical town of Turkey

A fountain

Turkey has a long historical background. Not only the ancient era and also the medieval era has an impact on Turkish landscape. Bursa is one of the historical cities of Turkey. Starting from Roman empire era, Bursa has been important historical site till today.

Osmangazi county of Bursa was awarded by the Historical Towns Association of Turkey. This association awards the historical cities and counties of Turkey. Osmangazi is one of those sites.

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An aircraft carrier island- Cyprus; Turkish Side


Cyprus is an island that is considered as the aircraft carrier of Mediterranean. Northern Cyprus of Turkish Republic is one of two states on the island. The historical background of Northern Cyprus is dated back to ancient era. There are deep traces of Greek and Turkish cultures on the societies of the island. Even Turkish majority of Cyprus island was under torture and pressure in 1960’s. After the military campaign of Turkey in 1974, Turkish society was taken under the protection of Turkish Republic. NCTR was founded in 1983.

Tourism is the major economical activity of the island. Hotels and gambling are the important tools of Cyprus tourism. The nature of the Cyprus island is so impressive that it is the authentic Mediterranean island. You can visit the Greek massacre museums, green line and hotels. The sightseeing places are related to the dark history of the island. That’s why the tourism develops in an another way for NCTR. Also the British life system was injected to the island life. Even the traffic is running on the right side.

Discover Cyprus and feel the history.

Turkish Ravioli; A famous fast food for Turkish Cuisine

Turkish cuisine is one of the well known cuisines of the world. Whole world focused on cuisines in order to tonify the immune system. Fast foods of Turkish cuisine are lighter than Western style fast foods. Turkish Ravioli is one of them. Dumplings are prepared firstly then they are boiled in hot water. This easy dish is served with yoghurt and garlic sauce. Especially Kayseri province is famous for Turkish Ravioli.

Cumalıkızık Village; One of the oldest settlement areas on Anatolia

Cumalıkızık Village of Bursa Province

Cumalıkızık village is one of the oldest settlement areas of Turkish landscape. Although it is known that it has a deeper historical background, it is at least 700 years old. The authentic architecture of the village reflects the beginning era of Ottoman state. This village is under protection of historical sites directory.

Cumalıkızık village is one of the earlier settlement areas of Ottoman era. Ottoman state dominated this region in 1300’s. Some East Roman era objects were unearthed during the archeaological excavation. Today it is one of the important destinations for domestic tourism.

Narrow streets of Cumalıkızık Village

The authentic architecture is still impressive for the visitors of the village. It is one of the oldest structural compositions in the history. The historical background attracts the visitors to the village.

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Red Alert; Tourism is in danger in Turkey

Turkey is in danger of losing the tourism potential. Covid was thought as the most destructive fact for tourism but it isn’t true. Insufficient management of tourism policy is the most destructive fact for Turkish tourism. Although Turkey is capable of being the most valuable country of the world in tourism sector, today we are trying to survive in world’s league. Turkey is about to disqualify from the tourism league due to improper management of the government. Loss of St.Sophia and Chora museum is the sign of this statement. Can any expert or any person who has been in tourism sector ignore or be silent against this development? I guess not.

Actually nothing good is happening in Turkey in recent years. We can’t seperate tourism from the big picture. I am aware of this fact so I wanted to declare this situation to all world.

Healthful Springs for Skin deseases in Anatolia

Skin deseases are very tough diseases for human being such as mange. It takes a long time to heal. Do you know that there is a place where skin deseases never visit? A place in Sivas province of Turkey due to the hot spring….

As I have mentioned several times, hot springs have a great importance in Anatolia. This hot spring protects people from skin deseases such as mange. Thus it is called Mange Lake. It has many visitors from inland and abroad.

A new trend; the sunflower fields became photo studios

Thracian region of Turkey is famous for sunflower fields. It is one of the important agricultural products in Turkey.

On the other hand, people discovered new trends in Thrace region. Facility of shooting great pictures in those fields is the new trend. I guess that it is related to the beauty of this flower. It is known that it turns to sun. Because sun is life source of this flower.

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Cultural Vandalism and The Tourism Policy of Turkey

Vandalism is a sort of action that can never be accepted. Cultural vandalism is this sort of action for international sector. Generally tomb raiders and the autorities who don’t have any vision create this sort of vandalism.

Turkish authorities made a poor decision and an international monument lost its museum position. St.Sophia museum ( there is no need to explain the historical background of the monument) is starring in Turkey’s and Istanbul’s tourism assets. It is around 1500 years old. It has cultural and architectural secrets of centuries. Turning into mosque for St.Sophia is an action of the minds that have no cultural and scientific knowledge. For example, can Egypt make any arrangement for ancient Egypt monumets without any international consultant? It is the same thing. UNESCO has district rules for this subject. Those sight seeing places belong to all world and cultures.

Beside this event, many restoration faults were reported in Turkey. Modern designs were applied for ancient monuments. The excavations for ancient sites were interrupted due to the bugdet cuts.

As we can understand from those samples, Turkey has no tourism policy in order to develop the tourism potential of the country. Turkey requires more responsible and patriotic authorities. The scandalous decision will erase Turkey from the world tourism area. Especially after the Coronavirus pandemic process, tourism became more important to return our normal lifes. Domestic and international tourisms are the essential keys for economic concentration.

As a senior tourism staff, it is my mission to make this warning to everyone. Otherwise we all lose so much valuable things that we can’t replace. Turkey is a country of history and tourism. We have made our biggest foreign currency income from tourism sector for years but today we are losing it.

We are all in the same board, history belongs to all nations. Tourism is our common value. Tourism is the key tool for world peace. We had better keep it carefully.

I am very sorry to type this article as a Turk and history lover. I hope that everything gets better sooner.