Historical Tibeti Church

As we have been expressing for several times, Turkish landscape is full of many ancient religious facilities and buildings. One of them is located in Artvin province. It is known as Tibeti Church. We don’t have detailed information on the period of construction due to the absence of inscription. It is guessed that it was built in 9th century AD. […]

Historical Hercules carving in Bursa

There used to be ancient stone mine in the border of Iznik county and Hercules was the god which protected the workers. A Hercules carving was made in order to worship. It was carved in 3rd century AD. It means that it is around 1800 years old. That stone mine became a swamp later. Then unfortunately as it isn’t under […]

Good news for Turkey lovers

Good news has arrived to Turkish tourism. Global markets such as Russia and Europe led their citizens travel to Turkey. We have been waiting for this news for two years. Expect US and UK, other markets rearranged their red lists and Turkey is on the free list. Of course, there will be some health arrangements for the entry. Turkish tourism […]

Why is the publicity important for tourism?

Publicity is one of the most necessary tools of tourism. A country can have a great potential for tourism but lack of publicity will not let the potential grow. A tourist arranges his/her holiday up to the recommendation and knowledge. Publicity is the tool that tourism uses for this purpose. Publicity also increases the number of the tourists and income. […]

Aphrodisias ancient site; Sacrophaguses around necropolis

Necropolis was the most important section of an ancient site. It was called as the site of dead people. Archeaology finds valuable hints on the life of ancient people. Unfortunately some illegal treasure hunters can be able to do good discoveries. Aphrodisias ancient site’s necropolis area was very important. Two sarcopgahuses were discovered on a territory nearby Aphrodisias ancient site. […]

The charms of Constantinople 2; Marcianus Column

Monuments of Constantinople have deep functions for Constantinople and Istanbul. They have different meanings for us even today. One of them is Marcianus column. It is in border of Fatih district of Istanbul. It was erected in 450 AD. It was one of the oldest Roman monuments of the city. According to the legend, while Justian had St.Sophia built, a […]

Halikarnassos ancient site…

Bodrum district is hosting the ancient site; Halikarnassos. It is one of the best known sites of ancient periods. It has many epical sides to tell. Up to the recent works, the wall of Halikarnassos was unearthed. The excavations are continuing nowadays. The mysteries of Halikarnassos are revealing. Discover Turkey and travel in time….

“Normal” will not be the same; the new tourism norms…

Everything will change after the COVID-19 pandemic so is tourism. It is expected that some norms will be rearranged for the high season. Tourism policies and safe travel rules will be implemented in the world; Health passports or Corona documents: Starting from this high season, some European countries plan to rearrange the travel rules. Health is the most important issue […]