“Normal” will not be the same; the new tourism norms…

Everything will change after the COVID-19 pandemic so is tourism. It is expected that some norms will be rearranged for the high season. Tourism policies and safe travel rules will be implemented in the world;

  • Health passports or Corona documents: Starting from this high season, some European countries plan to rearrange the travel rules. Health is the most important issue that should be guaranteed.So new health progress’ will be implemented.
  • New accommodation models: The accommodation facilities will face some new rules to work. For example, all inclusive accommodation model is going to be given up. A safe model may replace it. All-you-can-eat buffet will be banned and social distance among the guests will be regarded at hotels and such facilities.
  • Travel modes: Travel modes will also change due to the outbreak. As social distance is a vital rule in order to prevent the spread, the travel modes will be arranged. We will face those norms especially on public transportations such as plane and bus.

Turkish ministry of tourism is also working on new arrangements. They will declare those arrangements as soon as possible I guess.

Don’t worry and be safe. We will be together again.

Discover Turkey…..

Travel restrictions during the quarantine

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the quarantine is is being applied in Turkey like all world. Travel to all metropolitan cities and holiday resorts is banned according to the code. Those who are under 20 and older than 65 are banned to go out of home. Public has a trend to travel to second houses to avoid the virus. So all routes are closed. Travel allowance is required for all people.

There are control points on the borders of provinces that control the vehicles and people’s health. Casualty and injected patient numbers are increasing every day so quarantine is very important to slow down the outbreak.

COVID-19 in Turkey; Virus infection is getting worse

Finally outbreak arrived to Turkey. According to last official reports, there are around 10,000 active cases and 130 deaths. I think that the numbers are higher than the official reports unfortunately. According to some rumors, the statics are close to Italy.

I would like to remind you some precautions in order to avoid the virus;

  1. Avoid close contact with people.
  2. Wash your hands often.
  3. Apply 1 mt. rule.
  4. Stay at home safely.
  5. If you travel abroad, apply 14 day quarantine rule.
  6. Be away from infected people…

I wish healthy days for the whole world…

Some activities that can be done while staying at home

COVID-19 threat is so big that whole world is isolated. For the public security, all people should stay at home. Only in case of emergency, it is allowed to go out. It is getting more bored, as it gets longer. But we aren’t desperate about it.

Firstly keep your mood high, then obey the guidelines and stay at home. So you will protect yourself and society. Then try to spend your time by having funny activities, you won’t be able to get solicisation.

For example, you can visit the places and countries virtually and you can get more information on destinations. Thanks to internet, you can have information on Turkey as an example. You can see the sight seeing places of Turkey. You can enhance your travel info.

Take care of yourself and keep healthy..

Caves of Zağ; Secret praying place of first Christians

Caves of Zag which are located in Bingöl province were one of the secret praying places for first Christians. Before Christianty was accepted by Romans, first Christians looked for secret places. Those caves were one of them. It is estimated that it was built in 5th AD. It has 5 stories. Every story has its life zone.

It is one of the worthvisiting places in Turkey.

COVID-19 is in Turkey; Pandemic knocked on our door

Turkish authorities confirmed the COVID-19 cases in Turkey last night. Unfortunately it means that the pandemic was confirmed. All world is in shock and all events were postponed including NBA.

We have similiar precautions with the world. Schools will be closed for a week. Soccer games will be played without audience.

We hope that this pandemic will be gone sooner and all world will be back to normal life sooner.

Take care and be far away from corona virus….

Three Byzantian cisterns of Constantinople

Binbirdirek Cistern (Onethousandone coloumns cistern)
Underground Cistern
Şerefiye Cistern

Constantinople was the capital of Byzantine Empire and also was holy city for Christianity. Byzantine Emperors were aware of these facts so they have reconstructed this city several times.

Especially the cisterns had a great importance due to fulfill the water necessity of the capital. During a siege, cisterns had a vital role. Thus many cisterns were built. Three cisterns were a head. They were the biggest ones.

You should do it before getting old….. they are all worthvisiting…