Christmas soul of Anatolia

As we all know that Christmas belongs to Christianity, and it is celebrated in Western countries. Anatolia and Turkish Republic aren’t the places you expect to see enthusiastic Christian soul because of different culture. But I will tell you a different story.

Around 2000 years ago, a place was here named Demre (Today it is in Antalya province). A priest was living here. He observed that some people needed help or mercy. He decided to take action in order to make them happy. On the other hand, he would do it secretly. That’s why he should have entered the houses from chimney. He did it gently. So, he became a legend in Christian world. Christmas tradition got rounded in the world. Eastern Roman Empire changed the date according to the records. Actually, 25 December was a Roman religious day. Roman authorities joined their religious day and Christmas.

That’s a brief story on Christmas. Anatolia and Demre were the starting points for Christmas.

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Christmas is born in Demre

December 13, 2022