City of Prophets-Şanlıurfa;Holy Pool with Fish

Holy Pool with Fishes

South Eastern of Turkey has many impressive stories. Şanlıurfa is one of the provinces that have an important place. It is named as the city of prophets. There is a pool in Şanlıurfa province.

The legend was in Babylon King Nemrut reign. Fortune tellers of King recommended the dream and they told him that a child would be a danger for him. So he ordered soldiers to kill all boys. Only Ibrahim could manage to run away. But he was found in a cave and came into King’s presence. King liked him and adopted him. King was paganist and he wanted everyone to obey paganism. Ibrahim destroyed all pagan god sculptures. King got mad and although he was his adopted son, he ordered his adopted son’s execution.

The pool with fishes used to be the place where the execution were committed. He was planned to be thrown into the fire. Suddenly a miracle became true. The fire became a lake, the woods became fishes when he fell into the fire. Everbody who witnessed this miracle believed in only a God.

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