Cold waterfalls of the province Artvin

Waterfalls are great places in every part of the world. Water makes a power show in every waterfall as a living organism. Also Anatolian peninsula hosts great waterfalls in this landscape. Some of them are so shocking that you will never believe that water formed those natural grounds.

Waterfall with the ring (Deliklikaya Waterfall)

We always hear that water is the strongest substance of the world. It is so tough that none of rocks can stand against it. It can form great shapes in the rock or it changes the land.

This is the sample of this sort of waterfall. Water is flowing into the rock. It shaped the rock as a ring. It took millions of years to shape the rock and today it is flowing into the rock over 7 meters. It is one of the most popular hiking routes of Eastern Blacksea region.

Maral Waterfall

Another impressive waterfall of Artvin province is Maral Waterfall. It is so straight that you have to climb up stairs to reach the waterfall. It is flowing from 60 meters. It is the another good sample for rock forms.

Nature always states that it is the boss.

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