Count Dracula was here………

Eğrigöz Fortress

Despite of absence of official records, it is told that Count Dracula was jailed in Anatolia. After Sultan Mehmed II held a military campaign against Count Dracula, Ottoman sultan took him prisoner. There is no official records about this military campaign and results. According to the historical stories, Count Dracula was prisoned in Eğrigöz Fortress which is located in Kütahya province at present. Also the canyon of İkitaş was a place where Count Dracula had spent time.

The canyon of İkitaş

The fortress was constructed on a rocky territory that’s why it was considered as the toughest place to escape. But Vlad Tepes “Count Dracula” managed to escape from here and he ruled his earldom in Romania. The history brings us interesting stories.

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