Cultural links of Southeastern Anatolia

Hasankeyf before the dam filling
Karahantepe ancient site

Southeastern region of Turkish Republic has a different importance in the history. If we think that civilization raised from Mesopotamia region, we should consider this region as a neighbourhood of the region. So the inhabitants of this region affected from this development.

The last discoveries proved us that the settlement has been lasting for a long time. It is so long that the ancient sites of this region are around 10.000 years old. Even the ancient Egypt Empire can be considered as young civilization while comparing with them. The oldest temples and settlements were unearthed in the region. The temple of Göbeklitepe is 12.000 years old. The most interesting thing is that those sites were buried after their function was over. We could see some animals that we can’t come across today on the walls of temples. We have some hints on their economical and social life. It is certain that hunting was the major economical activity.

It is thought that there are many ancient sites waiting to be discovered under the surface. Also the myths feed the culture and traditions were shaped in this way.

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