Cumalıkızık Village; One of the oldest settlement areas on Anatolia

Cumalıkızık Village of Bursa Province

Cumalıkızık village is one of the oldest settlement areas of Turkish landscape. Although it is known that it has a deeper historical background, it is at least 700 years old. The authentic architecture of the village reflects the beginning era of Ottoman state. This village is under protection of historical sites directory.

Cumalıkızık village is one of the earlier settlement areas of Ottoman era. Ottoman state dominated this region in 1300’s. Some East Roman era objects were unearthed during the archeaological excavation. Today it is one of the important destinations for domestic tourism.

Narrow streets of Cumalıkızık Village

The authentic architecture is still impressive for the visitors of the village. It is one of the oldest structural compositions in the history. The historical background attracts the visitors to the village.

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