Demirköy Ironfoundry; where the giant cannons were produced

Conquest of Constantinople was a tough target. Constantinople was the city which was famous for powerful city walls. They were built so well that it couldn’t be collapsed despite the several attacks before 1453. Young sultan of Ottoman State Mehmed II determined to conquer Constantinople in order to unite tge territories of Ottoman State in Europe and Asia continents.

Although the high ranks of Ottoman State objected young sultan, he didn’t listen to them. He started to make preprations for the attack to Constantinople. Young Sultan knew that he had to produce more powetrful weapons including giant cannonballs. He had a master brought to Edirne (the capital before Constantinople) and he had an ironfoundry built nearby Edirne. The giant cannonballs were produced here and they became key weapons to conquer the city.

The ruins of this ironfoundry were unearthed. It is in Thrace region of Turkey. It is one of the samples of war industry facilities in the world. According to the news, this factory will be restored and opened for visit.

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