Dorylaion ; An (modern) ancient site of earlier age

Location of Dorylaion

There were special sites that had different features. Dorylaion was one of them. It is located nearby Central Peninsula of today. This is the story;

We went to a Phrygian city. Its name was Dorylaion. It was a beautiful and rich trade city. The city was decorated with glorious and great buildings. In addition to impressive architecture, there were every sort of joy that a person could want. Also it had rich water sources. Trade made the city rich and glorious. Its location was so nice that the environment was peaceful and great. Also it was the junction point of trade routes.

Dorylaion ruins

We witnessed an interesting religious ritual here. But it was a terrific ritual. Puppies were presented as dinner to visitors. It could have a spiritual purpose but we couldn’t understand that very well.

It was a worth visiting site in that period.

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