Edirne; The northern western border of Turkey

Selimiye Mosque – the symbol of Edirne

Edirne is one of the provinces that have historical background in Turkey. Starting from Roman era, this region became very important. Emperor Hadrianus had a city built in this region. It was an important destination for Roman Empire. It could be considered as an important port city.

Ainos ancient site

After Roman Empire era, Turks dominated the region. They settled this region and this region became one of the entrance points of Turks. Edirne was the first capital of Ottoman State. This city remained as capital until Constantinople was conquered in 1453. The symbol of the city is Selimiye Mosque. It was built by Sultan Selim II. The head architect was Architect Sinan who is the greatest architect of all times (even today). Today Edirne is the border city to Greece and Bulgaria.

Also the region has many natural beauties.

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