Ephesus: the great moment of ancient era

Ephesus is one of the most important ancient sites of Turkey because it is one of the a few cities that symbolizes the bright days of Western Anatolia. We can see a structure that is alike today’s cities. There are sections for wealthy public of the city and the common areas for whole Ephesus society. The wealhty section had private baths and fountains.

The most interesting point is that the city was settled on the shore once upon a time. Briefly it was a coastal site but it is inside the land today due to the delta formation. There is no connection to the coast in present. While having a tour on the streets of Ephesus, you can feel the bright days of the city. When you approach port, you can feel the winds and ships that were docked. There are still Ephesus traders in shops of the city. You can dream the busy streets of the ancient site.

Ephesus Celsius library front side

I recommend you to visit Ephesus for a rich history.


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