Fethiye Dead Sea from air

When we think of vacation in Aegean region, Fethiye is always on the top. Aegean coasts hide many natural treasures such as Dead Sea Bay. With the golden beaches, it is really a treasure. The natural structure is so impressive that a visitor falls in love when he/she visits. So this visitor becomes inhabitant of Dead Sea.

This bay offers us many opportunities to enjoy. Outdoor activities are common here. A visitor may come across everything whatever they want. For example, you can swim or have sunbath. If you love adrenaline, you can make sky surfing. If you would like, you can have a boat tour around the bay.

According to the legend, the name of the bay came from a love story which ended very sad. The vessels approached the coast to supply water from land. A captain of a vessel had a handsome son. Captain was sending him to supply water from the coast. A beautiful girl was also living on the land. Both of them fell in love and they tried to spend more time to see each other by making excuses. A storm was broken on the sea, this captain was trying to find solution to hide, his son told his father to approach the bay. But the captain thought that he was telling this to see the girl. He rejected, they argued. So captain hit his son and he fell to the sea. He passed away. The girl saw this scenery and she also committed suicide. Dead Sea is the name of the place where he passed. Belcekız is the name of the place where she committed suicide.

Long beach of Fethiye Dead sea

It is located in Muğla province of Turkey. It is also one of the best beaches of the world.

Visit Turkey and feel free….

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