Forgotten historical treasure; Germenicia ancient site

It has been mentioned for several times; There are many unearthed ancient sites under the soil in Turkey. According to the historical records, many sites that had very important for various goals had been existed then they were abonded. So their traces had gone.

A Roman site,Germenicia, is taking place in the historical records of Anatolia. Unfortunately it was lost till the close past. It is in the border of the province of K.Maraş which is located in southern region of Turkey. Firstly the mosaics were unearthed then the resaerches proved us that the mosaics belonged to Germenicia ancient site. The region where Germenicia ancient site was founded is a residental area at present. The archeaologists think that the great Germenicia will be unearthed if the archeaological excavation can be made at this site.

It is obvious that Germenicia ancient site can provide us great hints on Roman era. Some of the the priceless mosaics are being exhibited at K.Maraş Archeaological Museum.

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