Fortress of Bursa; A time capsule of history

Bursa Fortress

Bursa is one of the ancient cities of Turkey. It had hosted many civilizations for centuries. Bythinia State was the first known important state which dominated the region. It had an important role in history.

Bythinian architecture was close to Roman engineering. That’s why many ancient items and tunnels were discovered in recent years. The most important Bythinian building was the castle which is named as Bursa Fortress in present. It is thought that the castle had been protected very well thanks to its tunnels under the region. It was built around 2200 years ago. Even in Turkish domination, it was reused after the reconstructions. Its tunnel system was so great that it could be able to handle sieges.

Today it is one of the most important museums of Turkey. This monument is the witness of a long history.

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