Galata Bridge- A bridge that connects Golden Horn

New Galata Bridge

Istanbul is one of the historical cities of the world. The historical structure of Istanbul reflects on the historical buildings. Golden Horn is one of the stunning destinations of Istanbul city.

Tiding two sides of Golden Horn has been an important task for centuries. Since Istanbul was conquered, the authorities has been dealing with this task. Galata Bridge is the one which ties up two sides of Golden Horn. Although it has planned for centuries, it could be real in 19th century. A bridge was constucted in 1854. It was made of wood. It was reconstructed in 20th century.

Old Galata Bridge

It was used till 1992 since it was damaged because of a fire. A new one was commissioned in 1994. It was built as a bridge with opening winds in order to let the ships sail through or out Golden Horn. But due to some technical problems, this bridge couldn’t be used for this purpose so much. Despite the technical problems, it fulfills its task with success; to tie up two sides of Golden Horn.

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