Kurul Castle in Ordu (Eastern Black Sea Region)

This article is about Goddess Kybele that was one of the most important cults of ancient era. The recent excavation in Kurul Castle that is located in Eastern Black Sea region proved us that Kybele was one of the goddess’ that had domination in Small Asia. Let’s listen to the story;

Kurul Fortress was one of the fortress’ that had settlement in II BC and I BC. It was located on the peak point that could see whole area. They were in belief of Kybele cult. They had made a sculpture of Kybele around 2000 years ago. Eastern Black sea region was important because it was lying on Black Sea coastal area and the region had some passages to inner region. Briefly it had strategical importance.

Sculpture of Goddess Kybele in Kurul Castle

It was so high that it was built on stairs to climb up the castle. In addition to belief history, Kurul Castle was one of the important defensive points of the region.

Do you know that Kybele was transformed to Sibel as a female name at present?

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