Gre Filla ancient site of Diyarbakır

Gre Filla ancient site- Diyarbakır

As we know that Mesopotamia was the cradle of civilization. Also Anatolian peninsula is one of the territories that ancient tribes were settled. The ancient sites that were unearthed are the solid evidences of this statement. For example South eastern Anatolia is one of the neighborhoods of Mesopotamia region. So the history of this region is very wealthy. The world recognised the region with Göbeklitepe site which was unearthed in Şanlıurfa province of Turkiye. It was one of the oldest temples in the world, even older than ancient Egyptian pyramids. After a while it was understood that Göbeklitepe isn’t only one in the region. There are more ancient sites to unearth in the region.

Then Gre Filla ancient site was unearthed in Diyarbakır province of Turkiye. It was understood that it is one of the oldest ancient sites of the region such as Göbeklitepe. During the archeaological excavations, thousands of archeaological pieces and signs of many civilizations were unearthed. So they proved that it is around 11.000 years old. Unfortunately it is under the danger of dam such as Hasankeyf.

I wish not to lose our archeaological treasures any more…..

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